30 day blogging challenge day 27

day 27 : whats in your closet

well whats not in my closet.  i have a small walk in closet wich i feel blessed with lol.  on one side i keep all my clothes the ones for street are always hanged and rest folded on top of all that there is a shelf where i keep my bags and random fabric bits. then turning to the side from that on a wall i have a one day area with things i want to have etc you know if u can see it and believe it you can make it happen. lower there is like a fabric pockets where i keep brushes some hair things and nail files.  unfer that i have four boxes where i keep my underwear usualy on top of the boxes you can see my sports stuff and hair straighteners and a jewelery box aloso a hat box with a mini hat in it.  then on the last wall there is a large mirror with small shelfs around that have my perfumes jewelery tablets tossues and random nick naks on.  on the mirrror i have all my neclaces hanged.  allso there is couple pics with my boyfriend parents and best friend. on the floor i have a box with my make up items and all my other beauty products like creams sprays hair stuff and bits like that.  also on the side whit the big shelf for clothes underneath i have some shoes and a luch box and some folded up make up bags and some soft fluffy house slippers.  it all just sounds like its a lot but its actualy not that much lol


mini haul

as all my christmas shoping is done i went along with my mum to help her find something for my dad so i obvious ended up geting some nits for my self too as per usal i just cant keep my wallet closed lol this is what i got.

1st is w7 hide it consealer stick in light/medium.

i have had some bits and bobs from this brand before its very afordable brand as i only spent like 1.50 for this.  but reason why i chose this is because i wanted a consealer that well dry if u know what i mean like when i get ready in morning i dont need wait half hour for the thing to dry bere i can apply rest of my make up. i tried it out and it seemed great easy appying and great color mach if u have pale skin like me. 

2nd. sleek makeup lipstic in madly maroon 562

since my mum gave me one of her sleek lipstics that she bought but ended up not liking it i been tottaly in love with them same i noticed glossy box is quite fan of the brand too so i guess thats a good sign.  i got this for 2.50.  the color is quite dark purple i thougt i just gona mach it with a red pencil underneath and be good to go

3rd. superdrug dry shampoo in floating on a breeze

this is my favorite dry shampoo of all times i just just run out of it i have one in diferent scent but i think this one is the best one as it makes your hair smell supper fresh and its just fab.  they were on sale today for 98p but usualy are like 2 pounds but there is always some sort of sale on so can get them cheeply. 

4th last but not least high waisted shorts by papaya from matalan

this is prob the worst pic ever lol but here they are.  i never had high waisted shorts  efore because i till now i couldnt find ones that look nice around my legs but these ones seem to work ok but i will need take theem in a tiny bit because when i put these on seemed that its kind hanging of my waist cos im size 6 in tops and the shorts are qute large size 8.  the shorts originaly cost 14 pounds but i got them for 10 because my mum had matalan card and it gave me 4 pounds of which i thought was pretty cool. i will make an outfit of the day with these just show how they look.  cos i am pretty exitied about them 🙂

yesterdays mini haul

Yesterday went alomg with my mum around town as she needed to pic up some things so obvious I ended up spending some money too . As per usual lol my bank card just dnt stays in my purse lol. First off all I needed get some pics printed . ( More on them later) like biger size ones as inspiration for my project for uni . Etc . So thought wile at boots hav look around maybe something else there and ended up geting a nail polish by barrey m . Its a crock nail effect one nr 323 . Its like a dark blue gray color . It works kind same as the crackle ones just gives this snake skin effect . So looking forward to this . Another beauty thing got was from h&m some eyelashes I fell inlove with these because the lenght of them feel like they kind similar lenght ways as the sugar pill ones that I loved so see how these look plus they were just 3.99 so def was a must have . Went into the primark too and got this top/ bra thing I’m nt sure what I gona do with it yet but it was just 2 pound so thought might cunstruct it into an outfit somehow . And last but def not least is a new planer for 2014 I know its sad tha there is still people using them but I love writing things down that’s only way how member anything so I’m doing little uni prep as will need new years planer for start uni as all the info etc starts flowing in. Got it from paperchace.

So was thinking first thing I should do is sort my self if 1 look good 1 feels good and does good things . So I thought I shall clear out my closet clear out clothes I dnt wear sell them get some pocket money in way too and get rid stuff to bring new and more exiting in. 🙂 def have way too much stuff lol but this is the way forward