Don’t u just hate deadlines? Yesterday had nap at evening woke about 6ish in total panic that there is so much to do but all I do is just lie there and watch family guy all day . Lol that’s no way to function. Lol but I’m doing it. Enormous amount to do for tomorrow as need have everything done by then as going scotland this friday. As promessed I will post up bits of my work and of my sketchbook to show u all .I dnt feel like I will do too great mark ways with this project but I do really love some of the work I have made so I thought I share it before I most likely attempt to sell it as per usual lol feel so poor lol. But I’m working well trying to . Still doing my work serch no luck so far but fingers crossed .

work to do

So just sitting here looking trough my sketchbook still bits to do . But I feel like I have come to something with this book so I thought I could share my book with all of you . Would that be interesting ? Its not the finished things but the ideas and stuff . Same ill be posting some of my essays too its just something I’d like to share . As I think they are some what good . Plus I been kind off key with posts cos been ill so I just thought I would share what been ocupying my mind 🙂

it finaly happened..

So it finaly happened over a year later I’m ill I’d be ok about being ill but I have deadlines next week so I feel tottaly f ed . Already asked about extention etc so see how goes just feel bit out there cos might need change the times I go scotland can’t channge london but no choice . Just sucks bad time 😦

vitamin c will save the day

Good evening people. Let’s have glass of vitamin c and drink up for feeling better ! Finaly did the stupid video . As you can see it kind sucks ass as you can see for your self in the previous post of mine. Still like million things to do so taking on masive doses of vitamin c to get it all going . Feel good and positive . Tomarrow blood giving day too so that’s good . I’m doing it I’m doing it . Xx

deadline aproaching

so the deadline for the uni semester one end is aproaching. in way cant believe its only like 2 weeks left till im off for winter holiday.  so much to do tho like with the folder i need sort for art practice but its not like the good actual practical stuff its like write ups and emails and what else not and its pain in ass and feel like i sit up every night and just type away like statements and stuff.its killing me lol im not ment for working lol but im doing it so fingers crossed for a good grade in the end too