So finaly is time to get them hair sorted cos it looks like right mess. I got this superdrug own hairdye for change my mum was saying she loves the dye so as it was on sale I decided to try it out . I got it in permanent, midnight blue. As I always prefear the blue tones . Plus on pack it says 100% happines lol so this better look good . And as per usual some hand cream to cover the sides so they dnt get dyed . Feel pretty exited .

hair improving

Since I changed the hairdye from foam one to the normal one couple months ago I have noticed that quality of my hair have improved as they are not falling out as much same as they dnt seem to be as dry any more they still pretty bad cos I do burn them every second day but they are def def lots better . Lol I bet they be amazing if I would cut out heat for bit to lol dnt see that happening tho .

hair dyeing

That time month again .. For hair dyeing . Let’s face it its much better when some1 else can do it specialy when u have a mohawk as last time I did strugle dying it my self so it doesn’t get all over the sides as I try leave them undyed so when they shawed they look lot lighter and gives the contrast I want as I dnt dye it different color. So just to get it shaved on tuesday and be all pretty again