so rude!

so finaly fiished my flashing video . lol not that kind flashing. but perverted words and flashing colors seem to be my way forword.

here is the initial video.

just wanted show you the text parts of the video too just get bit more insight in it . so dont be offended.

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taking part in contests

as mentioned in previous post i have already sent out my aplication to 2 contests 1 is 1 i did last year in the mall galleries in lomdon only this time they do it electronicaly where last year they wanted the work accepted with like actually viewing it. but u know its still good stuff.  and i applied for british woman artist contest too wich seemed pretty straight forward as well.  i do feel good about taking part in these things its pretty interesting i just hate that some of them take like 15 pounds for a piece of artwork which is crazy.  just sitting here fingers crossed and waiting for the results hmmm. 

filth not faith project

just thought i share something i been working on in uni . as its been wile since i posted something about it . i just add one pic because im trying sort my art blog etc so ill post more about it and when all the sites are up etc. its kind part of the uni course but i think it kind pushed me to the right direction to actually get erm.. social lol