so happy

so unbelievable finally happened and im not ill anymore and i finished my essay, just about to just sit and print it out and be me all ready for tomorrow and my return to society and well wearing anything else besides shirt with a sheep on it lol cos obvious thats so goth lol . miss my lovely platforms. but im on rolle today gona go help my dad with kids too at 5 too so get my exercising back but must thank being ill for past week cos i lost my winter tire too so have good point to start exercising etc. feel pretty positive plus main thing its london time in 2 days so  so soo can wait cant believe its been over an year since last been there. feel well hyped woop


finaly a somebody

It was magical lol there was me siting in train back from uni hating the world as per usual mumbling to my self of how I hate the uni and waste money on this nonsence they give me then sudenly I receive an email from one of my tutors saying he remembers that my sketchbooks were good last year and he wants to show them as good example to the 1st year students . in my head I was like boom bitch lol I’m a somebody . Felt and well still feel prety proud my self specialy when never been the good student or even more showed as example to others lol it kind inspired me to tbh like gives me some motivation to actualy do something wich is well pretty cool 🙂 feels nice

best thing of past week

Must say best thing about past week must be the buying of train tics to larkhall today for end of june . Finaly get see my boyfriend again been forever ago since last seen him. And this time will be special as be celebrating our 3 years together in some way can’t believe it have been so long now . I know we dnt see each other as much as we should as long distance but love him to bits. And so can’t wait to see him again. So def def the best thinb about this week . Plus once again be celebrating my name day in scotland too . Prob with breakfast and generaly eating all day lol . But think def should at least go runing for few times wile there . So will be a good one hehe