birchbox september 2013 uk first impresions

Birchbox is here. Some interesting things here . First thing I noticed is the little box and its reverence de bastein nail polish in bright blue shiny color that I absolutely fell in love with it came full size and originaly costs 16 pound . N15 . I tried just aplly it on 1 nail and it just flows so nicely and just everything u would ever wish for nail polish def am well looking forward to using it properly . Next we have bioderma sebium h2o serum thing. Its basickly for refreshing ur eyes all u do get som cotton pads and put them over ur eyes for haf a minute and then swipe over skin it clenses ur face cleans off all the make up and generaly freshens u up. It made me think of the tonic things u have for just refreshing face . As wear realy heavy eye make up I do like if all the make up comes off at night and u feel the weight come off and just refreshed so I like the idea of this water mix only thing it doesn’t have the niceest smell lol so nt be sitting on my face for long ( well that came out wrong lol) u can get a full size one for 9.99 . I am thinking about if it does make me feel refreshed to get it as am lately conserned about the dark circle of my eyes . Next is modelco party proof lipstic. In kitty. Its like darkish pink lipstick. I am kind into wearing lipstic lately but this tone makes my face just look weird lol like I have mega lips I know for some its the go for thing but I dnt like it . So prob be sending it to some1 else lol. They come in sets of 3 if u like lipsticks and cost 15.50 I think its pretty good price I might see too if there is other tones as it does seem like good quality and stuff just the color dnt go for me . Next is aromatherapthy associates revive body gel full size 31 pound . Its not oily at all . And seems really good. And I notice trough out this box that it has some weird smell theme going trough lol as smell of this gell makes me think of trees and woods and stuff not like in bad way just kind different . I tried it on top of my hand and it absorbed super quickly and made my hand super super soft like it happens infront ur eyes its crazy . And just after tiny bit well well impressed for my lovely dry skin. Then we have another molton brown last month I had a shower gel by them and now its body lotion. Thing I like about this is the strong smells they have and they stay on ur body nt just washes away and fades quickly. This lotion is lot more oily as normal cream stuff but got the smell is heaven but I dnt think I’d pay the 18 poinds for shower gel but the lotion I def would consider. And last . When u apply for the box u need fill like questions about u etc and there is section where u need choce what other things u like to see in box and I picked lifestyle so they sent me some green and blacks chocolate . White. Full pack 2.29 it tasted mmm haha I never tried their white chocolate but tasted amazing but I’m more cheep chock person so duno if be buying more of it . Over all box is great new things to try out 🙂