monday mini work out

as i have started out the mini every day workouts again i thought i share them to give you some easy ideas 

1. 30 squats


2. 30 sumo squats or plie squats


3. 30 leg lifts


4. 30 with each leg – on knees leg lifts


5. 30 but lifts


6. 30 sit ups


i know this is a very small work out but as i do 4 trainings of 2h each a week with martial arts i dnt wana be in muscle pain all week but dont wana kind of not do anything trough the week . noone wants too much calories building up so i find this kind of routine very good.


monday work out

so i finaly started on my work out plan yesterday it seemed easy enough and i thought i finaly share it with u.  i made it mainly for my legs because thats the main area that i want to improve.  its very basic exersizes that i do at home in my own bedroom dont need any equipment than ur self and a floor to stand on lol ao here is monday work out.  yes i know its tuesday today but i wanted to try it out first before i talk about it. 

1. 100 squats

ithis is just like a basic start jut to warm  up.  100 a minimum.  i will do these every day of the week as the base. 

2.200 jumps with a rope or star jumps

this is agai just to get bit cardio in there.  i decided that if i dont have rope awailable or i dnt want go outside in the cold i can just do star jumps instead giving me similar kind of effect

3. 30 sumo squats or wide leg squats

rest of the exersizes will be on count of 30 just to not over do it. decided to add some sumo squats to my normal squats too because i need them mega thigts gone lol

4. on back leg lifts in air.  30 times

i have not a clue how this is called profesionaly thats why couldnt even find a proper image to show you.  but what it is u take the position thats in the picture but away from the wall and all u do is just push your backside in the air and lover and repeat. 

5. on knees leg lifts up in air. 30 with each leg

once again this is for the bum cheeks just tone them up  and give them a nice shape.  you can do it standing on ur palms too not on the arm like show  in the picture. what ever is easyer for u. 

6. on knees straight leg lifts.  30 each leg

for extra movement you can add liftong the oposite arm too but as i want only the leg work i streced out the leg and lifted it up and down 30 times

7. on the back lifting bum 30 times

for the last exersize i chosed this to give that extra work out for the backside it self.  just repeat 30 times.

to add to this if i have chance to do any extra activities i tottaly jump in it and have this as a mini evening work out.  must say i dont feel any musle pain or anything today wich does make me feel that its not enough so i might add abit to the numbers for next week

back to mesurments

Think should try get back to check out my mesurments as feel well into the squat challenge day 4 today doing well easy quickly done etc every1 should do it lol. I want hot bum 1c in my life and I think I’m finaly determined enough to do it . So ill try post my stats up every week see if anything changes .
Arm top : 28cm (good)
Arm under elbow: 22cm (good)
Above breasts: 83cm (good)
Across breasts: 83cm (good)
Under breasts: 74.5 (need 73)
Thinnest part in belly: 66 cm (good)
Fattest part in belly: 80cm (need 76)
Hips: 86cm (need 82)
Bum: 95cm (need 91)
Leg top part: 57.5cm (need 55)
Leg lower part: 35.5 (good)

Def bits to improve so think work to do

Finaly 30 day challenge thats the right one for me

It have finaly finaly happened.  Was brosing trough instagram today and found the perfect 30 day challenge for me.  And on my wll worst area too my backside and legs.  Its a 30 day squat challenge.  What more could i want.  I want pretty bum but i cant seem to stick to some sort rutine so thought this challenge will help hme do that.  Starting today.  appy day 1.  Woop woop. 🙂


lets try another 30 day challenge

So been thinking about the 30 day challenge that maybe I just picked a wrong one for this moment in sense it didn’t feel like I wanted to embrace it at all so I thought maybe I should try something bit easyer so I decided do 200 jumps with rope every day for 30 days I think it be easy and it be great start for the 30 day challenges and it wudnt take as much time to do ether so if hav 5 min even if tired I can just get it done with with no hassle. Plus ill get my self bit more active too . Well pleased with this choice than the previous one 🙂

better life

since went to latvia i feel like i had chance to think trough things that are happening in my life and in some sense look at them from different point and u know actually see the bad bits and the good not all mixed in big bobble called life . (keep getting distracted from writing this as think can smell gas.. nt good sign) so i decided i need work on the good stuff and make it even better ,u know make that one day list actually happen. become a somebody, a real person. so i thought i should start by sorting my self. work on my beauty routine health and fitness. as if one feels happy can make the rest the things go good too . first thing to do is well make a plan . bit by bit . yeah not every one make a plan to make a plan lol but thats erm my plan? and sort everything bit by bit and get that better life every one dreams of but not just as dreams but as my life 🙂

So this is first monday blog and in mondays I gona sugest activity of the week and talk mor about it . So this time its sumo squats to make them legs all nice for the bikini season duno how its for u but I feel very down the hill about my legs I never ever going around with just short shorts on or skirt thights are always on to sqeese them fats together to at least make them more presentable without wobling and stuff. So chosed squats for the activity of the week which I will be dobling for my everyday rutine . I’m doing this because it is finaly time to get a bikini on this summer so be working my ass of literary to make it as good as I can and blog about it so if I fail I’d be ashamed lol