work on the room – picture wall continued

so been continuing on the picture wall.  but sadly i ran out of cards.  i thought the ones i had will be enough but clearly no lol.  this is as far as i got

large area is covered but as you can see there is still a bit to go.  i just gona order bunch cards from ebay again.  and be done in no time.  plus i thought i would fill the areas above doors too


just to kind ow have a bit of runing theme trough the room.  thought that would look nice.   and wile i will wait for the cards i have christmas to go trough and if have spare moment then can do the doors. 


lets talk dentists

Its time . Its the sad time . I need go to dentists cos my tooth is hurting well ok 2 teeth are hurting and I can already feel gap in my bank acount I just home its just minor fixing cos it not like hurts but like I hav feel like the previous fillings are moving like I can feel it when I walk lol its weird . Like really weird lol does anyone ever get that kind feel? Or I’m now this damaged lol member the good old days when was little my dentist used say that have such great teeth and now 10 year later its dead lol all cos I imbraced fizzy and sugary drinks I can’t live with out that stuff I do brush my teeth atleast 2 times a day etc etc but clearly it can’t kill the sugary goodnes that’s going against it so ill start uni with an dentist apointment lol lucky me