best and worst of yestrdays

Yesterday what a day lol . Couldn’t get up proper in morning but I was determined so at mid day did went uni and sorted some print outs and what ever else that I needed so thought that’s pretty good . Came home thought hmm am home early . Could go for training get that tire thaat I gained wile was away in scotland off. It was great I was fing unstopable felt like notting literary notting could take me down . Till my beloved dad who is the trainer person in the dojo decided we should do some katas ( for those who do not know its like multiple movements combined in one etc) with nunchaku . I’m like yeah y not even felt pretty exited by it I mean its been 3 weeks since done any exersize so came my turn I’m like thinking yeah ill show them how its done started of amazing nd then sudnly got distraced by who knows what and bam! 1 nunchaku flys straight against my beautiful forehead . Oh the pain was not my concern my concern was that it does not go blue so I ran upstairs grabed ice on the damn thing but still got left with a lump right in midle of my face . Such beuaty lol. At least its not as noticable today still hurts a bit but at least dnt have to walk around like an idiot. Just a little one. Lol . The exitement of my life huh?