Surely living in the past it seemed that people care more about simply surviving. Where now every need things too . And it seem to degrade people to level lower than low to get these things. Welcome to depression. Let’s earn money by doing notting lol I wish obviously but yet stuck in work that I hate only for 1 reason cos need wear an uniform and well cos get paid less than every1 cos havnt reached the magic age of 21 just another reason y to despise the world we live in , hell yeah this is negative cos bit sick of well trying be positive and incorige every1 etc so f that

Ever felt like yeah you had nt to bad day and some1 kills it for u nt like saaying things to u but being really negative like next to you just makes me feel tragic lol seems like all I write in this blog is moaning about my life lol the exiting life that I lead lol . But at least its end of the day and can just jump in bed and fall in lovely sleep just me and the pillows its such lovely feel tho knowing u have done something with ur day well at least for me . Cos I do hate wasted days just do cos well we shouldn’t be couch potatos ..

Just lying in bed watching supersize vs superskinny always look at the thin person and think wow if I’d be that thin I know its bad and stuff but always wondered in kind suprize that I havnt gone in ether under eating or over eating or bulimia or something cos of the paranoia in my head and the guilt that I feel when I hav some food like its ok if it something little but say if do have take away wich I have rarely I feel so guilty and horible after. Sometimes do try tell it to people that are close to me and in some sence really dnt get it people says that’s stupid just hav food . And I’m like no that’s nt going near my mouth. U know when u see them people in pictures and u see them being thin and stuff it do fEels good in sence knowing I’m at least close to it if notting else . Planing to sort some inspiration pictures for my oneday wall

Good morning . Feel so tired slept till like 1200 nt really my kind thing cos even on days off I get up at like 11 max but duno just needed a good ly in and be continueing it all day today lol its my day off just still feels like everything getting to my brain bitt better now tho at least can think bit straighter now so nt to bad . Be making some bits and bobs too today lol no outfit of the week tho cos well legings and tshirt nt great look lol still looking like the freak I am haha I mean look at my hair zig zags and everything haha.

So just on way home from work. Yes I’m getting exited by the little lights . But just wanted say will need do little vid I thought of tomarrow just cos the light and cos nt sure if my printer is working . But will be exiteing cos I’m exited lol. The joys

So first time in pretty long time had an early start I mean I need catch train at 8 so needed leave house just after 7. Feel like have been going in lazy side in geting up duno y just feels like it like I dnt do anything specialy for uni stuff that’s like out of question to even consider doing it lol feels like its getting better tho was sitting on bed last night thinking I feel like I could do something lol that’s just craZy isn’t it ? Cudnt even stick my lashes on properly today 1 feels like falling of already and did I bring a mirror to fix it ? No so have to walk around like little weirdo that I am till get to lincoln .the joys

So this is first monday blog and in mondays I gona sugest activity of the week and talk mor about it . So this time its sumo squats to make them legs all nice for the bikini season duno how its for u but I feel very down the hill about my legs I never ever going around with just short shorts on or skirt thights are always on to sqeese them fats together to at least make them more presentable without wobling and stuff. So chosed squats for the activity of the week which I will be dobling for my everyday rutine . I’m doing this because it is finaly time to get a bikini on this summer so be working my ass of literary to make it as good as I can and blog about it so if I fail I’d be ashamed lol

So my lovely glossy box for april consisted of a-derma intense repair lip balm really nice smooth texture without any sent at all no funky burny feel or anything on my super dry lips and it came if full siz 15ml bottle too so pretty pleased well happy about this as my skin is over all really dry I find things like this always in good use . Next we have nip+ fab dry skin fix body butter in mango . Must say never been a fan of mango not for eating drinking or rubing on me lol so super big chance of me pasing this on to some1 who well likes mangos lol . Next absolutely lovely thing that I’m most happy about is this yves rocher france perfume so elixir its one of them mini bottles that I so beyondly love and oh the sent of it is just heaven like sweet and lovely and I’d say really girly. But feel like this be more for my shelf than using as I kind of hav started collected cute little bottles . seemed pretty cheep to for big bottle too as its like 44pound for 50 ml bottles so I’m actualy considering getting some . Next 2 products are so nt for me that its just crazy lol 1 is sleek make up blush in flamingo and other is essie nail lacquer in 21 flawless well its all too pink for me and dnt use blushers as my face is red as it is lol . Sorry for no vid this time just didn’t had time for it