glossybox first impressions

Welcome to the february 2014 glossybox. Uk eddition. So first of all I got email form glossybox few week ago saying about lots of people complaining about january box being unfullfilling so I think with this box they tried to make up for the january and actually made it pretty good :). Must say I love the actual box it has like little lips all over it well cute definitely be keeping the box for like storage or something . But let’s get in the box . First is set of 3 packs with shampoo , conditioner and mask bygiovanni eco chick cosmetics the chick ultra moist range. I’m always quite interested in trying out new products for my hair. I’m sure I have seen this product in shops somewhere so am quite looking forward to see how it is only thing for the sample size shampoo usualy is not enough to cover all my hair as despite having sides shaved I do have pretty long hair so a handfull of shampoo every time wash my hair where the little pack doesn’t really hold that much . You can buy full size bottles for 7.99 . Next there is sparkling body shimmer by nougat london. I have never been the sparkle person lol as you can imagine but I tried this it took really tiny bit on back my hand and it made all my arm up to my elbow shimmery and it actualy is really settle shimmer and oh ut just makes you smell so nice like cherries so after this I think I will be bit into shimmer lol . And you can buy full size bottle of this for 14 pounds which I think is well worth the money as you only need tiny tiny drop to cover large area of your skin. Next we have ciate london paint pot in color cocktail dress . I quite like this color cos it seems like realy nice pinky red color I think this be great for people who think that red is too bright for them cos this one is lots more settle but I do love this color It would work great as accent color for 1 or 2 nails. You can buy these for 9 pounds to me it seems bit much for a nail polish but u know why not . About these tho I have definitely got couple of these nail polishes befor in the glossybox wich seems quite repetitive but at least its a good product. Next we have nv chunky eye crayon in color sugarplum. Well its pink. I put it on and yeah I can pull it off but nt with my black that’s for sure so this is bit usless to me . But it does have really nice texture and I think it be a good handbag make up bag essential . You can buy this for 5 pounds. Next we have a prety know product by maybelline . Its big eyes mascara. I kind regret that bought a new mascara the other day because am quite exited by this one never seen a mascara that has 1 brush for top lashes and 1 for bottom lashes. Was not too keen on the top one but the bottom lash one made my lashes look supper long feel pretty impressed so definitely be going in my make up pile . Well sugested . You can buy these for 8.99 . And finaly last but nt least a bar of lindt lindor chocolate. as extra treat . Honestly I did feel well impressed by this months box as seemed be more to it and you can feel that its worth the money not like some of the other times. This kind makes me re think giving up glossybox as thought before .

november glossybox first impressions 2013

The new glossy box is here ! November 2013 . Quick note before review there was 3 vichy creams I gave 1 away to a friend . Ok let’s start with the vichy serum. Its pretty much a cream u put on your pretty face before you put your moisturising cream on just to give it that extra bit . I tried it out thought it was great I needed just tiny bit to cover the whole face and face instantly felt nicer to touch . in box you got 3 sample size packs with 3ml in each I thought it was pretty good specially when full size bottle costs 29.50 for 30ml. Next we have emite make up eye shadow in color nect (I think) its really light shiny color I would say its more for highlights than actually using as all over eye thing unless you are totally into the natural look. As as we all know I’m not . Plus I can’t really use. It as highlighter too as my face and over all skin is very pale so I dnt really highlight bits everything is colored over lol. I tried it out tho and it seemed so nice almost a creamy feel, very shimery. It came in full size and you can buy it online for 16.80. Next there is yves rocher france hand cream with cocoa and pistachio nut scent. It smells amazing . Absorbs nt so good tho it is towards the oily kind cream but as we know them ones are usually better for the super dry hands like mine. This 1 came is full size and costs 1.95 . Since started ordering the glossy box I noticed that the hand creams is like a must cos its almost every time there . Anyhow moving on. Next is elegant touch rapid dry for nails. Honestly since now I never before seen a nail drying think like this as usually it comes as normal bottle like another layer of the polish but this is a spray . Like magic haha . I just spraid it on my nails and must say I instantly noticed 1 thing I might not like and its oiliness like its there to work with around the nail too so I’m not to sure about it . And you can get this full size spray bottle for 3 pound . I guess for 3 pounds can’t really ask much more . Last but not least we have this beautiful dark blue nail polish by b. Its in 180 midnight and well blue is the main tone in my nail polish box so this was like yeah love it instantly. And you can buy it for 4.99. I usually dnt want pay that much for nail polishes so I always like finding the polishes in the beauty boxes. I do like this months box . Definitely look forward to using the nail polish and the serum and see how goes with rest .

glossybox is here ! october 2013

So the glossy box finaly here in a really wet box as the poor post man had walk trough the rain to get to my door . But let’s see what’s there . First we have mememe cherubs blush cheek and lip tint . In bottle it looks like a red color but when aplied it is very very pink I do like the tints and like the ones how do u call nt lipsticks but the lip stains cos they stay on so so much better and feels lots softer on my lips and they dnt make the lips as dry ether as lipsticks. Despite me nt liking the pink tone as I always try cover all my pink tones on my face nt put them on I do like this product plus the price is pretty cheep too 5.50 for the 12 ml bottle and feels like this could last long time . Ok next is a perfume sample. And honestly I seen advert for these so many times and I love the add never got chance to actualy sniff it . Its katy perrys killer queen perfume and oh my god it smells like heaven its quite heavy sweet perfume . Just way I like it . And price I think is pretty good too its 29.50 for 50ml. Next is mono illuminating primer. I’m still kind trying find a primer that I like and that doesn’t feel heavy on my face because I never cover my whole face say with foundation and it just feels well heavy on so I’m kind looking forward to trying this I tried tiny bit on my hand it felt bit oily at start but it obsorbed super quickly . It has spf 15 too so always good thing specialy for sensetive skin like mine. It is a bit on high end of students price range in 24.95 for 50 ml . But u know if it works well then y not. Next. Premae. Multi vit smoothie serum. Never actualy seen one like this as u ment put it on before u put on a moisturising cream to like prep ur skin for it . Plus u can mix it with ur foundation and make it like a natural bb cream . Lol its like magic in one bottle plus it smells so so lemony I love this u need just tiny bit to cover all ur face . Well good . And it comes for 22.50 for 50 ml. And last is vita liberta latte illuminating skin finish. There is 3 pascks of this only thing is that its bronzer wich is kind nt the right path way for a ghost like face look lol. So I prob not gona be using them my self . Over all nt bad box quite good cream selection so some new things to try 🙂

september 2013 glossy box uk . first impressions

The glossybox is here. For start I love the box its in it has union jack over it looks well cool . So the inside . We have some eylure pre glued lashes. Well.. They are super short and I can tell by looking at them now that if I put them on most likely won’t be able to see them.. Not good start . I do like some of the eylure lashes they are good quality etc these peticilur ones cos just over 5 pound . And if u have some weird thinbg against latex they are the ones u are looking for . Next there is full size bottle of toni and guy shine gloss serum. Which is kind what I was looking for for my super dry hair ends so they don’t look fuZzy as they always do . It costs 7.19 . Next there is little perfume sample by elizabeth arden. Untold. I’m nt sure yet if I like the scent or not . It is really sewwt and fresh but nt sure if it be me maybe for some random ocations or maybe just in little bottle shelf lol. Yes I colect little bottles . The full 50 ml bottle costs 48 pound. Next there is dr lip lip balm and honestly nt too impressed it just seems kind dry doesn’t like makes it easy to put on. And makes ur lips feel sticky for long time so nt really up my alley. But it says on card u can literary use it for everything so I think I might try it for something else rather than my dry lips . Full size 11.50 . And last there is be a bombshell onyx eyeliner . Really nice one of the felttip pen things flows really nicely and I’m well looking forward to this as it seems kind dry not too fluidy making it less hasle to wait for it to dry . Not awailable in uk. Costs 14 dollars from their web . Over all think its ok box some goods there but some a bit to suspicious for my liking lol


as received my august glossy box and things were looking up in my bank account lol i thought i check out what other beauty boxes there are . so i came across the birch box seemed ok so see what comes out of it . price ways its same as the glossy box 12.95 a month obvious can get cheaper for longer subscriptions but thought for now at least for trying out will do me. left the link on the pic so can see for your self maybe it would suite you too . 🙂

Finaly glossybox is here again. Well happy so on what’s in it . First we have a little sample spray bottle from juicy couture viva la juicy noir . For my taste it smells amazing well sweet smell have seen it around in shops and stuff never actually sniffed It but think its going in my next to buy list for kind evening perfume as it does seem really strong . Full size 100 ml bottle is 63 pounds wich in my eye doesn’t seem to bad as paid around 60 for dior anyway . Next we have jelly pong pong 2 in 1 eyeliner and shadow in dark green . Glossybox seem to favor this brand as in almost every box there is something from them and hav grew found of them too. Not too keen on this color but might get black one same kind as it draws on realy nicely not too soft nt to hard and smuges nicely so will give nice effect when on . Its full size and costs 10.50 . Next there is tresemme platinum strenght 60 second treatment shot . Its kind of a mask thing u put it in the tips of hair and the damaged parts and then leave it on for 60 seconds and rinse kind like a conditioner . They com in the little 15ml tubes and u can get them for 1.49 next there is eyelash curler from emite make up. I did realy needed new ones and I didn’t wanted pay the money for them as they bit pricey at times so having these here was well pleased . Their price in shops are 20 pounds . And the last product here is a make up remover pen by oceane this product is not available in uk so prob just need serch online for it . Do look forward to using it as there is always make up smudgeing and trying wipe it with finger and smudges even more so this will be great help . Well pleased with this glossy box all thing will come in handy 🙂