little goths and their hatrid towards the world ??

Recently been talking to this person about the goth scene in the kids now and that. Its lots more different than it was when I started going into it all . Aperently me in my 20 years count as old goth already as I clearly never grew out of it lol but it seems like now every1 who is goth and does not hate the world ur not goth lol just makes me laugh and these 12 15 year old kids take it all super serious that u need hate and rebel to absolutely everything you see other ways u are not goth its like in my eyes they don’t actualy see the joys of it . I have always been pretty positive and still goth to this day that’s y maybe its kind of idiotic in my mind . When was going to school and every1 had these ideas I never was really accepted by got comunity because I did staid positive about literary everything cos I think there is good in everything but my fellow goth kids were pretty hatefull and I felt that its to limited thinking. I feel people should be more open minded specialy if ur kind of alternative cos most people view u as a weirdo but that’s their prob nt urs prob that’s y feel like I hav never been bullied as I never cared enough its ur mind and lol I’m happy u have one so shut up and stop being so hatefull

goths at work

If you have style of your own and u definitely don’t fit in with the norms then unless your lucky at least at 1 point in your life you will have to change being of ur self for couple hours every day to become “appropriate” for the working enviroment. Just because u simply want eat and dnt want live in cardboard box under a bridge. Since I been working since start of the year I feel that despite still having same look outside work it just feels like I’m losing the things and the look that I love and want . I must say in some sence its nice that no 1 overly judges u by way u look and dnt say that ur an idiot just beacuse all ur face is painted or something but same time it sucks so bad I miss my make up and stuff and just simply being able to express your self the way you want and ur left with these f ed up limitations that some1 somewhere have came up with its ridiculous . One can’t be one self this way . no wonder lots of people feel depresed even when they do work in their dream job and are somebody and still feel that they have to be “normal” looking to get somewhere and moment u say what u actualy thing they just show u the door. Think people should try stand ground more for what they want and not what the society asks for . Freedom of expression is needed heavily . Cos otherways we lose our souls and real needs from life

Today was looking at this picture of my self. It was made as part of making the wig I’m wearing. It seems to have some sort of religious feel to it so I thought for my saturdays weird subject could be goths and religions . Well let’s face it looking bit out of the ordinary stereotips can catch negative attention specialy from negative people of all kind religions . And yes being a goth I hav got it all satanist ur going to hell bla bla bla . Honestly most goths r cristians and take the religion as part of their being . My self I dnt believe god and it does not make me any les goth than I am . Its just my choice of life . Religions have been. In some sence intrest to me cos I like how some thing that comes in some1s mind can takes ov er peoples lifes that they even forget their families and most of all them selfs. A sence of destruction. My life style ways as learned more I descovered that I do live a pagan life style in some ways doing things that u enjoy and make ur self u and be wht u want to be rather than be caved in by rulles of a book . Do think its every1s own choce to what or who to believe and no1 should be patronised about their life style or just by the way you look . So back to subject . Like said goths r people too lol and have their choice in religion .