great poetry blog

if you like poetry be sure to check out amazing poetry blog by johnny tourette

genocide of the heart

just little shout out to johnny tourette and his amazing poetry blog so be sure to check it out 😉

oh yes im spaming lol if your nice to me i can spam for u too haha

Hello america lol. Hav seen these somany times around interned and I just needed get 1 my self its basickly a small antibacterial jand gel 29ml bottle but perfect for bag as have this holder thing to that can easily hook on keys or something . I got the bubble gum flavor one cos I love smell of. Bubble gum. Pretty obvious lol . Costs bit mor than the 1.75 dollars in us lol but I just wanted hav it as needed 1 the gells again anyway so might as well get bit of america lol