still working on the wreck this journal

still been working on my wreck this journal , honestly feel like in past couple days during the bad events it have helped me a lot to relax etc and just zone out to my own little world . did this page today


im on pages 113 and 114 so far so slowly working trough it. the other day checked out keri smiths other books too  and i have feeling that after some time i will have all of them , lol if notting at least keeps me bussy ,

the christmas is coming


finally finally the christmas is on its way.  yes i am one of them people who go crazy about christmasses i mean im pretty much done and got everything i need for gifts and cards and what else not i even already got some sticker things for my window too i thought i do bit crafting this year see what i can make be mire creative etc.  overly exited as per usual its crazy lol