finaly found the magic short shorts

The unbelievable finally happened and I found lovely high waisted shorts. That actually fit not too bad. I got these from ebay for like 3 pounds all in which I thought was great price . I think I do need get some of them very tight tights to squeesh my bum cheeks in nice shape but other ways think these were good find despite being from primark which I only discovered when they arrived at my door . But. I’m still very pleased with these and don’t know how I not noticed them in shops. They are size 8 and fit good around hips but bit wide at very top. But think best 1s so far

i need shorts

so i have been for look out for nice high waisted shorts but there is none around . just what the hell . ones i found were in American apparel and they were like 100 pound where im like no 20 25 max . even good old ebay have noting exiting. its like where are the shorts gone. nice black shorts even tried find pic for this blog but only found red ones . if you know where to findones please please pleast tell me lol


mini haul

as all my christmas shoping is done i went along with my mum to help her find something for my dad so i obvious ended up geting some nits for my self too as per usal i just cant keep my wallet closed lol this is what i got.

1st is w7 hide it consealer stick in light/medium.

i have had some bits and bobs from this brand before its very afordable brand as i only spent like 1.50 for this.  but reason why i chose this is because i wanted a consealer that well dry if u know what i mean like when i get ready in morning i dont need wait half hour for the thing to dry bere i can apply rest of my make up. i tried it out and it seemed great easy appying and great color mach if u have pale skin like me. 

2nd. sleek makeup lipstic in madly maroon 562

since my mum gave me one of her sleek lipstics that she bought but ended up not liking it i been tottaly in love with them same i noticed glossy box is quite fan of the brand too so i guess thats a good sign.  i got this for 2.50.  the color is quite dark purple i thougt i just gona mach it with a red pencil underneath and be good to go

3rd. superdrug dry shampoo in floating on a breeze

this is my favorite dry shampoo of all times i just just run out of it i have one in diferent scent but i think this one is the best one as it makes your hair smell supper fresh and its just fab.  they were on sale today for 98p but usualy are like 2 pounds but there is always some sort of sale on so can get them cheeply. 

4th last but not least high waisted shorts by papaya from matalan

this is prob the worst pic ever lol but here they are.  i never had high waisted shorts  efore because i till now i couldnt find ones that look nice around my legs but these ones seem to work ok but i will need take theem in a tiny bit because when i put these on seemed that its kind hanging of my waist cos im size 6 in tops and the shorts are qute large size 8.  the shorts originaly cost 14 pounds but i got them for 10 because my mum had matalan card and it gave me 4 pounds of which i thought was pretty cool. i will make an outfit of the day with these just show how they look.  cos i am pretty exitied about them 🙂