working on spare room part 1 : window

as have finaly started on working on the sorting the spare room i thought it be great for sharing easy diy tips. so here is how i decorated the window edge.


could never be stay at home housewife

ok, this feels like the longest day ever . been up from like 10 o’clock which i thought that’s good can get up and take on. you know bit of smart thinking forward. so being a good child and being a good partner i thought ill do my weekly house clean. i was too dead after training yesterday so i moved it to today , usually its my Saturday thing. honestly i feel sweaty and dusty and just yuck but hey at least the house looks clean . some sense feels like i could have spent this day doing something else cos now i just wana sit i my bed watch a random show and play family guy game. feel kind of sad. despite obvious wanting show my future husband that ill be a good homemaker i could not do this on every day basis cos ill simply lose my mind. even now feels like spending too much time at home so i dnt now if i could do it as stay at home mum etc . no freaking way lol i know lots people want that but i just cant imagine myself in that position. just cant, plus all the other responsibilities of a house wife , im thinking ill have a househusband and ill be the bread bringer no objection to that ..


way too early..

So our lovely latvian friend was leaving to day and well me as a lovely person was the one who went with her to the bus station. Which means now at what almost 8am I’m waiting for bus home. Which is well crazy . At least pleased for her as she flying from london she get smell som london air lol even just for couple h more than notting considering that its been year since last been in london my self but at least be to it in 2 week time so am well exited . Must say been great week with new years and stuff . Can happily get back to uni. Will have some bits and bobs to add from new years too just when get more awake lol

work on the room – picture wall continued

so been continuing on the picture wall.  but sadly i ran out of cards.  i thought the ones i had will be enough but clearly no lol.  this is as far as i got

large area is covered but as you can see there is still a bit to go.  i just gona order bunch cards from ebay again.  and be done in no time.  plus i thought i would fill the areas above doors too


just to kind ow have a bit of runing theme trough the room.  thought that would look nice.   and wile i will wait for the cards i have christmas to go trough and if have spare moment then can do the doors. 

start on the spear room – celling

so i have finnaly finally started in the spear room as this is how im doing it  celling first –

so this is quick kind look of the room.  it is just 1 corner mainly for showing the celling porpuses. as you can see the room was tottaly emptied and all the lights have been taken down.  dont forget to tape down the wires to avoid electric shock. 

next a beautifull look of my self lol.  just say always always cover the hair especialy if painting celling cos that stuff flys right into your hair and its rips everything out and it aint a good look. 

for celling ill be using the jasmine white by dulux.  its the same color i used at the very very start.  always love dulux its good quality stuff not too pricey ither plus i love that like in homebase and like b&q they can mix u up all these magical colors its like heaven land for me lol.  but moving on.  i just got the set of roller from wilkinsons cos well its cheeper than buying just rooll bits them selfs. for celling i think its great to use like 1 the long handled ones but as i broke the one i had i had to stick to the short one and stand on bench like this. ..

in other words dont use chair like this.  its very very very unsafe lol but well we dont really have chairs period so this had to do. 

then just mix up the paint with some stick 

and get rolling. 

in end i did end up bring in a light as it is fall time in the end so gets dark quickly meaning one cant see what one is doing.  but i did finished it and looks lots better as there seemed to be some weird dark lines where now its all nice and in one color.

latvia.. where why and how ?

Well one way to put it , I was born there . Lol that’s about covers why and how but well about it . Its a small country in eastern europe squashed between Lithuania estonia and russia and dnt forget the baltic sea . Must say its a beautiful place . I come from the capital riga. Its great artistic and culural bit in a sence must say cos they now blasted the light palace or something like that that is litterary ugly as fuck lol and killing all the river side bang in middle of city center fact I hated it so much that I didn’t even took a picture when was visiting last week . Must say as for a tourist its great u can go all museums and stuff as its super super cheep specialy compared to uk duno how to other places but it is cheep there can easily go eat out ever day nt worrying about money etc . Tho if u dnt know place like say me as its technically my home town u might have to be pretty care full as every1 wants to take advantage of tourists there no offence but if ur nt white that’s def nt place for u as 21st century is everywhere else in lv its far off so be carefull . In next couple posts gona show u some good bits of it and my latest impresions of it but 1 thing for sure its nt my home anymore

Just on way home after lovely shift and small stuffed crust chese pizza what more cud I want . Went really quick so all good just thought do quick blog about best thing of past week . I think it def def have to be me buying the tics to go latvia I know its like only in august but it will be here soon and in some sence really can’t wait cos will meant my lovely friends from the old days lol and it’s a like limited to 2 lol cos no way on earth meating anyone else . They didn’t give an f now so why sud I bother too . But should be a good one as have lots bits paned so be bussy 8 days there plus I’m flying from scotland so hav week together with my sweetheart first as be like without him for that time as the costs of the pones . So see how goes woop 🙂