nkd waxing botique

Just wanted give bit of sugestion of great waxing place. Sadly they only have 2 branches 1 in nottingham and 1 in glasgow. But its definitely the best place to go get ur wax no mather what u wana wax they will do it nicely and the skin will be left smooth etc . I been going ther for about a year now . And its great never had any problems no burns from wax or other weird stuff . Only sad thing to see is that they have rised the prices for some of the waxes so that’s nt good but if u blast out ur student card ur good to go plus u get 10 per cent discount on top of that if u return with in 6 weeks . And u get loyalty card where every 10th wax is free . They do some other bits too like eyelash extensions etc think the was some make up too . So there I think is great variety of what one can do . Women and men too. Never seen a guy there tho lol. So be sure to check them out in http://www.nkdwaxing.com .

Dealing with pain. Well honestly at start I thought it will be literary the worst pain ever but its not that bad plus if u go regulary then its gets easier and easier. And just wack some moisturising cream on at home and ur good to go. Plus I think its great if u have funky skin like I do as like with shaving my skin gets super dry and just horible where with wax there never been any worry .

Definitely way to go haha

work on the room – window and th side bits that need fixing

finaly had bit moment to do bit on the spear room again so it starting to come together.  this time i wanted to sort the window and all the side bits and bits around the door just get it moving. 

for this i just used some white emulsion form wilkinsons that i had left from last year in uni and just a large brush

as per usual mix the paint up

for this i didnt use a tray just dip the brush in emulsion and paint away


i started ount on the wall with the cards too but i want get it finished before i post about it.  it will take longer than i expected with the cards but im planing to get it done this week so at least the main bits are done. 

30 day random blog challenge day 6 : how would you spend 10000 pounds

well i would take like 4000 and put it aside as amergency and pay off that months pills kind thing and with the rest have splurge week in london.  go shoping go places wana go stay in nice hotel etc that be def my adventure id even be ok to do it alone f them lol its london i dnt need anything more
clearly have weird thing for it but if u have never gone u need to its like literary heaven for me.  its crazy.

as goth how i feel people look at me ?

People always seem to ask me what do I think of how other people usualy react towards my look and how do I deal with it etc. My usual responce is I dnt really respond to it . Like I dnt care enough about the peoples thoughts on it and as I dnt care I dnt need deal with it lol obvious its nice if some 1 says that I look different and nice etc like in a lovely way but if its said in bad way I dnt really take notice of it because well clearly I’m stilla s important to them for them to actually say something lol. There is exactly 4 people in this word who’s opinion in my mind matters its my parents as they allways been suporting me and they always been there for me nomather what’s my choices same with my best friend and my boyfriend who is kind like my best friend to and every1 else can kind think what they want I apriciate the opinions of other people but sorry but I dnt care for them as much to adjust my self or how I look or act or what ever else I feel if one stands ones ground then one will get further rather than just being a wana be obvious I am kind a wanabe but then again we all are cos just way it is . But over all I dnt feel you should need to even respond to anyone who doesn’t matter to you and they trying give you nonsence comments . I’m my eye its like why bother they dnt care about you why should you care about them ?

latvia.. where why and how ?

Well one way to put it , I was born there . Lol that’s about covers why and how but well about it . Its a small country in eastern europe squashed between Lithuania estonia and russia and dnt forget the baltic sea . Must say its a beautiful place . I come from the capital riga. Its great artistic and culural bit in a sence must say cos they now blasted the light palace or something like that that is litterary ugly as fuck lol and killing all the river side bang in middle of city center fact I hated it so much that I didn’t even took a picture when was visiting last week . Must say as for a tourist its great u can go all museums and stuff as its super super cheep specialy compared to uk duno how to other places but it is cheep there can easily go eat out ever day nt worrying about money etc . Tho if u dnt know place like say me as its technically my home town u might have to be pretty care full as every1 wants to take advantage of tourists there no offence but if ur nt white that’s def nt place for u as 21st century is everywhere else in lv its far off so be carefull . In next couple posts gona show u some good bits of it and my latest impresions of it but 1 thing for sure its nt my home anymore