pain and work

as i have finally managed to get out of the bed i noticed that literary every muscle on my lover back bum and legs hurt lol guess was bit over done with work out yesterday but i have this rule to get over the first 3 day and then be ok. so im just trying to move about cos it makes me bit more relaxed and it does not hurt as much so be ok my bum will look good in end too .. well hopefully. but just kind been working away on the art stuff gathering things that will be printed etc. as we need make group exhibition based on the film The Birds ill get some bird prints going etc and my other theme is freak show so im just kind trying sort things and feel pretty up to date as i have been doing bits every day so things are rolling. so just need spend another 5 pound for printing credit for uni cos need copy stuff in a3 size but im getting there i guess . it seems to go the right way at moment but u know see whats next . 🙂



nkd waxing botique

Just wanted give bit of sugestion of great waxing place. Sadly they only have 2 branches 1 in nottingham and 1 in glasgow. But its definitely the best place to go get ur wax no mather what u wana wax they will do it nicely and the skin will be left smooth etc . I been going ther for about a year now . And its great never had any problems no burns from wax or other weird stuff . Only sad thing to see is that they have rised the prices for some of the waxes so that’s nt good but if u blast out ur student card ur good to go plus u get 10 per cent discount on top of that if u return with in 6 weeks . And u get loyalty card where every 10th wax is free . They do some other bits too like eyelash extensions etc think the was some make up too . So there I think is great variety of what one can do . Women and men too. Never seen a guy there tho lol. So be sure to check them out in .

Dealing with pain. Well honestly at start I thought it will be literary the worst pain ever but its not that bad plus if u go regulary then its gets easier and easier. And just wack some moisturising cream on at home and ur good to go. Plus I think its great if u have funky skin like I do as like with shaving my skin gets super dry and just horible where with wax there never been any worry .

Definitely way to go haha