glossybox first impressions

Welcome to the february 2014 glossybox. Uk eddition. So first of all I got email form glossybox few week ago saying about lots of people complaining about january box being unfullfilling so I think with this box they tried to make up for the january and actually made it pretty good :). Must say I love the actual box it has like little lips all over it well cute definitely be keeping the box for like storage or something . But let’s get in the box . First is set of 3 packs with shampoo , conditioner and mask bygiovanni eco chick cosmetics the chick ultra moist range. I’m always quite interested in trying out new products for my hair. I’m sure I have seen this product in shops somewhere so am quite looking forward to see how it is only thing for the sample size shampoo usualy is not enough to cover all my hair as despite having sides shaved I do have pretty long hair so a handfull of shampoo every time wash my hair where the little pack doesn’t really hold that much . You can buy full size bottles for 7.99 . Next there is sparkling body shimmer by nougat london. I have never been the sparkle person lol as you can imagine but I tried this it took really tiny bit on back my hand and it made all my arm up to my elbow shimmery and it actualy is really settle shimmer and oh ut just makes you smell so nice like cherries so after this I think I will be bit into shimmer lol . And you can buy full size bottle of this for 14 pounds which I think is well worth the money as you only need tiny tiny drop to cover large area of your skin. Next we have ciate london paint pot in color cocktail dress . I quite like this color cos it seems like realy nice pinky red color I think this be great for people who think that red is too bright for them cos this one is lots more settle but I do love this color It would work great as accent color for 1 or 2 nails. You can buy these for 9 pounds to me it seems bit much for a nail polish but u know why not . About these tho I have definitely got couple of these nail polishes befor in the glossybox wich seems quite repetitive but at least its a good product. Next we have nv chunky eye crayon in color sugarplum. Well its pink. I put it on and yeah I can pull it off but nt with my black that’s for sure so this is bit usless to me . But it does have really nice texture and I think it be a good handbag make up bag essential . You can buy this for 5 pounds. Next we have a prety know product by maybelline . Its big eyes mascara. I kind regret that bought a new mascara the other day because am quite exited by this one never seen a mascara that has 1 brush for top lashes and 1 for bottom lashes. Was not too keen on the top one but the bottom lash one made my lashes look supper long feel pretty impressed so definitely be going in my make up pile . Well sugested . You can buy these for 8.99 . And finaly last but nt least a bar of lindt lindor chocolate. as extra treat . Honestly I did feel well impressed by this months box as seemed be more to it and you can feel that its worth the money not like some of the other times. This kind makes me re think giving up glossybox as thought before .

ikate house


so i found this web page by accident and all the little cute things they have and they only like a dollar each so i ended up spending about 20 dollars including post on there as little treat for my self as its been a wile since i got something cute for my self.  i will do a little mini haul too just to share good nes. but do sugest checking it out as the postage to outside usa is not bad and its very afordable. 

Once again another first impressions about this months birchbox. Let’s get straight in there . First we have body butter by laura mercier in ambre vanille scent. First of all I was well pleased that it came in vanilla scent as its always been 1 my favorite . But as any body buter its well oily . I’m never a fan of well oily . I tried it out on my hand and I put it on at morning time and now like 6 7 hours later I can still sniff the scent off my hand even with washing my hands and doing what ever trough the day plus the skin did feel bit softer but nt too crazy about it tho. You can get a full size one for 26 pounds . Ok next there is replenishing oat shampoo by weleda . Well ok it stinks my nose is just not accepting it lol . But its usualy a good start cos it allways seems to be the stuff that works the best. And I’m planing to try it out tonite too . You can get full size one for 8.95. This one is for dry and damaged hair so I hope it do some good for my dry ends . Next there is a highlighter pencil by chella. I’m usually nt a fan of like using anything but black on my face lol but I feel quite intrigued by the colors but I think I will try to embrace this one specially over my cheeks to cover up the redness that I always fight with . No harm in trying I guess . U can buy this pencil for 15.95. Next a black pencil by lila’lli . I really like this one plus I really needed new one . its quite soft but its really pigmented so it looks great for eyes and even as lip liner . You can get this in shops for 10 pounds . Next a little perfume sample by english laundary I can’t say this would be my kind perfume as am more of super sweet scents but I think this would be quite nice for like a night out or something along the lines as seem quite “heavy” you can buy it starting from 16 pounds .as my life style extra I got pukka herbs selection of 3 teas earl grey, elderberry and echinacea , three cinnamon teas. Never actualy seen this brand before but it be nice to try out some new. Teas specialy for making ice teas as am kind stuck with the cranberry and raspberry tea mix . And you can buy pukka teas for 2.29. Last we have a pencil sharpener that’s birchboxes own . Really needed one as I have like one with small and big sharpening bits . But the big part just makes the pencil zigzagy so a new one is a joy. Can buy this for 3 pounds. For past few months I’m def more impressed by the birchbox because its more variety of things that are nt the usual stuff in shops. Unlike the glossy box so I am considering droping glossy box and maybe trying something different . If you have any suggestions please be free to share 🙂