the end

so it’s finally officially my last weekend as a student. this is literary it. what gona kill my brains now lol. also starting the next week fresh as a good little person with waking up at 7 to start work at 8. lol i was even thinking about getting a bike so i could roll to the work and save money and get skinny legs at the same time lol definite grown up thinking there. but honestly not sure that can believe that pretty much this is the end for my education at least for this time being. its been very very quick. i feel like now i need find new almost like purpose or even better a goal to aim for till now was to finish uni which now is ticked off just need wait till graduation that’s in september but in sense that just lieΒ  celebration not the end cos the end is now. even got a cute card from my parents and boyfriend graduating me . i thin this is good time to look at my one day list again and see what could be my next big aim in life. its like suddenly all these exiting doors have opened and i wana go thru them all. lol ok im definitely not a grown up yet.

the list

As I previously mentioned , every year I make a list of things I want to do till my next birth day, so as I got a new beautiful planer I thought its time to start working on it . Most of the bits are doable and must be done but some are a bit out there just to keep me motivated . At moment have 17 points obvious ill probably add something at some point but this is what I have now

Finish 3rd year in university (kind of obvious need finish what started )

Find a job (cos being poor is no fun)

Find an apartment (this is a biggy. But honestly feel ready and good to go)

The good measurements (work out my insides get skinny again)

Go to london x5 (must go london see people . 1 time already down)

Go for a massage (why not never been for a professional massage)

Go on a trip (holliday , call it how ever you want it but it must involve plains and definitely not involve latvia lol)

Buy the good perfume (yes dior all the way . Been a while)

Buy the good bag (I think these 2 points will encourage me to work more)

Join gym (want to get skinny again)

Pierce ears x2 (need get them ears finished finally I mean been over a year since my last piercing)

Get a tattoo x3 (so many planed so need get some finally done)

Get 6000 flowers on youtube (I managed 3000 last year so another year another 3000?)

Sell hand made things x30 (need money)
Take part in art contests x4 (need get noticed)

Read a book x30 (really want to get into reading more so thought I put it in the list)

No more junk food ( want get skinny . So far failing lol)

This is my list so far . Hope it gives you some ideas maybe for your new years resolutions . Any suggestions be sure to leave comment


I have literary no luck work ways. I get work is work and work is needed cos one needs money to spend . I’m not complaining about the actual work I’m complaining about the fact that I’m not on the tomarrows list for people who gona work meaning I shouldn’t be working but if I don’t go I can face the chance that I might get a warning for it . Cos people have got that before which in my eyes is unacceptable. Meaning be paper work leters etc etc . Like I’m not meant to have job where things work properly .

happy new year people

so are you ready for the 2014? i know i am im so so supper exited im thinking this gona be great year.  as im in uk i still have about 5 hours to go so im just waiting for the meal making some last minute posts abiut bits and bobs and over all i hope you all have lovely and exiting new year and we get some of the one day list checked off and over all lets dance people.  its gona be great. 

till i turn 22 list

so every year as i have my birthday i write a small list of things that i wana do till my next birth day in sence like new years resolution list.  its usualy obvious things and achievable things notting super crazy. just kind be always there in my face and remind me of what needs be done.  here what i have so far i just think its great motivator so u get them little things u want done. 

* finish the 2nd year in university.  hopefully with improved grades too. lol
* find a job. as once again im job less and with no money i really need find 1
* pierce my ears at least 2 times. can u imagene its been over a year since well anything.  not the way to go def need be done
* get a tattoo.  as i have quite few ideas for what i want and i am going to latvia next summer for my friends graduation i think i should get something done. 
*go for holliday somewhere. its been forever since i been somewhere nice so df would not mind going somewhere even for like couple days. 
* the wanted mesurments.  yes for my body i wana slim down i want be proud of how i look
*get a great backside. go with the previous point. i hate my  bum.  i want it to look hot not the way it looks
* sell at least 10 pieces of art work.  u know try earn a bit and get my self out there
* take part in at least 10 contests.  obvious art related and i have already applied for two so off to a good start. 
and last but not least * go to london at least 5 times. as minimum. god i miss london so much its crazy i just want the grand city life

this is what i have so far sometimes i add some bits trough the year but this is my basic start.  do sugest doing that cos its fun and it gives you some random just you related goals 

new 30 day random blog challenge. +day 1

as thought the previous 30 day challenge was great at end it did went bit of the tracks but im ready for another one lol as im a grown up now i can actually do things as planed lol.  so i picked this as my challenge guide

seems pretty straight forward so lets get going and make today day number 1.
the person you like and why you like them

hmmm lets see not sure how its ment is its someone i like in a romantic way or as a friend or as just someone out there?  i gona go with someone i like as a person i look up to as done plenty about the person i like well love romantickly so tecnickly cant say i like him  . so person that i like is good old dali. yeah i know hes dead but his spirit and art lives on and honestly guy have been a major major inspiration in my life and he is like  a person i want to be 1 day.  i know i would never be as crazy but then again.  why not. even at moment started reading one of his books my boyfriend got for me its not like a biografy but bit different perspective from this guy who sudnly is trading art etc.  its  called dali & i  by stan lauryssens.  its a briliant book and you should have look out for it πŸ™‚ .

30 day random blog challenge day 19: list places where you have lived

So this is pretty easy as well there is only 2 places where I have permanently lived .
1. Riga the capital city of latvia . Yes its in europe lol I was born there and lived first 14 years of my life there
2. Nottingham, england, uk. Moved here with my parents and sadly still stuck here but london always motivates me to trive for it . Even just a tiny bit .

Here is beautiful picture of the castle and view of the river and city centre of riga . Do miss its beauty .

first sketch

Just did a tiny tiny sketch for the spear room just to make it bit more clear how I imagen it make it bit my project for next couple months or so. Made little list of what will need to finish room for walls and for decor . It think it could go good at least make lovely room in end if notting else and just freshen up the place a bit . πŸ™‚ . Just hope it doesn’t cost too much . Even thinking about blasting in a vintage chair or something would be good . Feel very exited about it . πŸ™‚