look of the day. mums name day

So finaly in bed feels like such long day today.w as my mums name day and as latvians we celabrate name days and her name is sandra so today was her name day . Just thought share me of the day lol but god we been eating all day non stop feels like its killing me lol even now I’m just lying here stuffing my face with salad thing lol ill post recepie for it tomarrow. But do feel better as cold start to wear off but feel bit yuck but I’m getting there tomarrow back to work too then this mancester thing prob blog tru it .

So its my mums 50st this satday and thought it be great to take her out somewhere nice for change so I thought theatre would be great so got some tics for birmingham ballet thing in theatre royal. won’t be able go with tho cos working that night but it be grat for her and my dad to have cultural night out 🙂