uni done finally

main reason why i havent had time to update last week was it was end of semester and i had hand in this big ass folder and had do lots of typing and printing like all normal students lol.  honestly cant be happier to be finaly done with it cos i can not get why art subject people  should do this it makes no sense. nowwill need go in uni when on holiday to finish printing stuff because thats only time its free meaning i need spend extra 20 to finish it all. but u know at least lovely christmas spirit will cheer me up.  no more proper studies till like end of january woop 🙂

30 day random blog challenge : day 10, if you could only live off one food and one beverage for rest of your days what would it be ?

So been wile off from my 30 day challenge as been away to scotland . (Later more on it) but I thought I get back to it where I left off . And it is day 10 : if you could only live off one food and one beverage for the rest of the life , what would it be ?
Well for beverage there is no doubt about it . Diet coca cola . Its my all time favorite drink I’m nt keen on normal one because its not as sweet but the diet one is just yum . Food ways its bit harder to chose cos sadly at moment I’m crazy about big mac I recently discovered its goodnes so a few have gone down my troth but I love the russian salad too ( leave recepie for it later ) its amazing so I’d prob create a weird mix of the too and call it food lol .