the new group

unbelievable things happen sometimes i guess. well to make it short in uni we had to divide in groups between us and prepare things for a mini exhibition which is pretty much like a mini try out of ideas to prep for the final end of the year show. so trough this all stuff i was added to this group of differences and before i even got to join properly i was trown out . lol so on that note i was set to make my own group and with my boyfriends kind encouragement . i kind of ened up rallying this other girl into making a new group and this weird guy ended up joining us too. so now im actualy feel pretty good about the upcoming stuff. as we need make like an webpage and other bits and bobs to do . so once in my life i actualy feel good about the progress of my uni stuff lol . just wanted to share it


No inspiration today


Maybe  yesterday was a good day for working on my uni pronjects. Today feels like a dead end. So we just sitting here watching old batman and robin from like the 40s . Got to love some old times movies. But oh inspiration where are you
Have done at least something. It being that i made a contacts page here on blog. If you scroll down  the page you should find it there . Been thinking that really should sit down and sort my blog  a bit. But for now new contacts adds will do . Plus a nice picture of my self . Lol


I have literary no luck work ways. I get work is work and work is needed cos one needs money to spend . I’m not complaining about the actual work I’m complaining about the fact that I’m not on the tomarrows list for people who gona work meaning I shouldn’t be working but if I don’t go I can face the chance that I might get a warning for it . Cos people have got that before which in my eyes is unacceptable. Meaning be paper work leters etc etc . Like I’m not meant to have job where things work properly .

my first giveaway done

you know when i started a youtube channel i never thought that there ever be even near as much people as there is now fallowing my channel. as i have happily reached 1000 and now its a little bit over. im just so so exited. and must say lately all i been thinking about is making the videos etc about whatever comes in my mind. and finished my giveaway yesterday and have contacted the winner too and im well happy about it. must say it makes me feel exited about various things again that i have had kind worn away from for what ever reason. just feel so great full that all these people are supporting me in it makes me feel that i can start out my own business too . so for change feeling pretty happy and positive ~:)


30 day blogging challenge day 16

day 16 : thoughts on education

well as any normal person in university i fill say im all for it . i think a person should always study something specially if you enjoy the subject what ever it is but i dont think the person have to study in uni if they dont feel that it is for them . its 21st century  you can study online or do one of them wicked mini courses or even just study your self but like say i think its  kind of persons own choice like do u need it or even more do u even want to do it. as for me i love going to uni now i hate the structure of the course maybe in some other uni it be better but thats different subject. i enjoy it for the most part . at least at the moment lol. and im just looking where it takes me in future.



my new camera

sorry for no posts yesterday just got bit carried away with my spring cleaning lol but im now back and going

so i got a new camera that im super exited to use . meaning it will be easier for me to vlog on the go etc. 

here is a link if you would like to check it out. its on sale too . 🙂



So as was running out my eye cream I was well incoriged to try out one of these eye roll ons by garnier . I seen the bb cream ones and have heard people saying good things about them so I thought Ill try this caffeine roll on . Its anti bags and anti dark circles one. I dnt get bags but some times I do get dark circles because I do wear heavy make up all day every day and if I havnt took it off properly the previous day the under eye area do look quite dark and un healthy. I tried this on. There is no scent to it at all . The little ball that u roll around ur eye is metal so its really cold and really plesent and almost refreshing feel on ur eyes. I really do sugest it if u dnt have like massive trobles with dark circles or bags and just want be refreshed etc. I did get in on sale in superdrug and paid only just over 5 pounds.