30 day blogging challenge day 4

Day 4: photo of your night

Well this post is more for the last night so I chose this poster of the film purge . Me and my boyfriend went see it last night and kind hoped it would be more brutal than it was so bit disapointment and 14 pounds wasted but over all had good night cuddled in. Def can’t wish for better ending 🙂

30 day challenge day 1

Day 1: photo of your self and 15 facts.

1. I’m latvian
2. I’m 21
3. I live in nottingham in uk
4. I’m a goth
5. I’m in serious relationship with my boyfriend
6. I’m an artist in making
7. I’m in uni
8. I love traveling
9. Family is most important thing to me
10. I believe in freedom of expression
11. I wear black a lot
12. I love sports
13. I’m happy with me in my life
14. One day I wana be somebody
15. I love junk food lol

Hers pic of me lol at work looking jazzy lol

30 day challenge again ?

Yes I will be doing another 30 day challenge because it helped me last time to get back into blogging every day last time when this kind of zig zag happened . Plus this is a like a photo challenge. So something a bit different . Made me think about instagram tho as I’m still not updating since my tablet is still dead hopefully will get it working soon or get a new one . Really miss it tbh .

30 day blogging challenge : day 12

day 12: your favorite childhood book

well when i was little i didnt really had favorite book book i was more of a picture book oerson.  yes i do read from time to time but usual not fiction books. and when i was little i loved books with grand magical pictures.  i remember my mum bought me these magical fairie books i can not member how they were called but i member they were about a4 size when not opend and it had this beautiful drawings of faries and like adventures and stuff i always used just look tru them not even reading the things i do wish i still had them but as we moved to uk my kids books were the main things that i left behind sadly but had no choice. but yeah i was a magical picture book child lol


work on the room – picture wall continued

so been continuing on the picture wall.  but sadly i ran out of cards.  i thought the ones i had will be enough but clearly no lol.  this is as far as i got

large area is covered but as you can see there is still a bit to go.  i just gona order bunch cards from ebay again.  and be done in no time.  plus i thought i would fill the areas above doors too


just to kind ow have a bit of runing theme trough the room.  thought that would look nice.   and wile i will wait for the cards i have christmas to go trough and if have spare moment then can do the doors. 

work on the room – the picture wall

so finaly properly started the picture wall.  but sadly i couldnt finish it today as ran out the glue i used but be easy finishing tomarrow. 

this is what i done

i used wilkinsons own all purpose glue.  i tried out pva to start with but it took for forever to dry and cards kept bending so i thought i try this and it worked great

all i done is go over the card couple times  leave it sit and do a couple more same way then go back to first and stick on wall.  then put glue again etc etc



as said i did not finish the whole wall.  this is how far i got


i think its coming together great.  and will look wicked when finished. 

As an art person I hav always been amazed by picture books if it aint good pictures there is biger chance that I won’t read it than that I will. I love books like roman dirges taxidermied. Cos its full on pictures of guys amazing art work and that kind thing inspires me . And actualy gets me to think about the work that I do and like last sumer when my inspiration was down the hill it made me feel good and kind made me think not to worry etc . I’d say picture books are relaxing to me . The other kind books I favor is refrence books any kind refrence like fact files etc find them extremely interesting I like the fact that I can learn something from book I dnt feel that I do from fiction book . So I rarely read normal books. Prob only person that thinks that way but hey lol