Mail sent lets do things

Sent out the pack for my lovely giveaway winner so thats atleast done . Still so much to do for uni specialy but seems like I just do everything else instead. But im determined to get stuff done im even ticking things off in the list . Just waiting for my mum to leave so can pack up the christmas gifts too so thats out of the way . Till then tho seems like I meant to bee a pillow for tiny cat poor thing seems frozen . Got loveĀ  tiny cat she so cute

Tried to add picture but word press just not letting me so just posted it on my instagram @disspossable . Feels like it gona be long day today so better get going .. another day at home . Oh the life I lead


not happening

Just noticed that 4 of posts I made yestrday and day before I have not pressed post or been some error and it have not posted . Well that’s great.. 3 30 day challenge things and 1 other . Just like huh y u not post my posts . Well that’s y there be couple in 1 go .