hey guys

Hey people its been a wile since last posted just been having bit of troble with wordpress like me trying to post trough my laptop but its just not happening kind thing and I end up giving up. But I’m back and I have quite few things to share with you today . Plus I thought ill start another 30 day random posts challenge cos I quite liked them . I have 1 writen down but nt sure if that’s 1 I done or not but def be 1 today . I just thought ill do little update that I’m not gone and lost . Just bit bussy cos have last 2 days of uni befor spring brake so lots to do.

I’m sorry internet but my tablet hates me I did like 10 posts yesterday only 2 are actualy up now the god damn thing won’t turn on so I gona have some snacks and try make it work and upload everything that was ther plus the new stuff . I even did a what’s in my bag video lol. I dnt like things not working the way they should

30 day random posts challenge

As my squat challenge is going surprisingly good I thought I should do a little post challenge to as lots times nt to sure what to blog about that would maybe be a bit interesting or at least help me explore things . A bit more and be more active lol at lest talk more if nothing else. Some the ideas kind thought be good to make video of too . So thought y not. I did bit serch of challenges and this 1 is the one I chose . Simple straight forward etc . 🙂

no posts day?

Does this seem like a lonsome day of no posts? Yes it does lol . Wanted show how to make a bag out paper as mini craft thing but my wordpress on phone going funky so just kind leaving it to this post about no posts. I’m just trying sort stuff back up for my etsy shop just taking pics and recording and stuff so can get get back to bussiness . So be sure to check it out at etsy.com/shop/disspossable. Maybe something u like . Over all been ok ish day just feel bit down cos well I miss my bf very much . Specialy day like today whenm u know u can’t do anything to be with the person u love to bits . So yeah just hanging in there and working my way trough as usual