30 day blogging challenge : day 3

Day 3 : your favorite quote

My favorite quote is ” world of madness is much bigger than world of saint” I first herd it in 1 of marilyn mansons songs . My bf was saying that it is quote by charles manson . In sense I dnt care who said it . I just think its briliant sentence and hopefuly my next tattoo too haha . So I thought a bit thinking yeah should add a pic too so I put this pic of kipper and his friend being all cute . Cos we all know they are the real picture of weirdos . And I love them hehe

Day 11, favourite quote .
My all time favourite quote and the 1 that inspires me the most plus I got it made for my bussiness card holder to is by henry rollins and it says “strength is the product of struggle, you must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t” I think its the 1 think that makes me kind embrace the new and scary cos it will bring new and exiting things . Actually kind reminded me that need make new cards as there be lots new updates and stuff coming trough like the art blog stuff and like million other things so keep in tuch 😉