my little rat buddy

i thought i share this beauty with the world i will be making a little video about this too when have time but i just needed show this,  basickly i was casualy sleeping away in morning and my dad woke  me and gave me my little rat buddy in his new jar.  he look so beautifull im still tottaly inlove with him .

best thing of the week .

Yestrday was walking down the stairs outside my front door to go to training. I always use the back door so dnt need go around the building . And near the bins I noticed this little rat baby lying there . Poor thing looked like some1 hav just bite it to death and left it lying there . I just found it so so beautiful that I decided it gona be my first preserved animal. As I been having no luck buying one I decided just presrve the little rat guy my self . I didn’t had time last night or today to get some the stuff to preserve it in so till tomarrow its in little jar in some vodka just keep it cleen etc. I’m so so happy about this little guy he’s absolutely beautiful .