30 day random blog challenge day 19: list places where you have lived

So this is pretty easy as well there is only 2 places where I have permanently lived .
1. Riga the capital city of latvia . Yes its in europe lol I was born there and lived first 14 years of my life there
2. Nottingham, england, uk. Moved here with my parents and sadly still stuck here but london always motivates me to trive for it . Even just a tiny bit .

Here is beautiful picture of the castle and view of the river and city centre of riga . Do miss its beauty .

One more place brought complete joy to me wile was visiting lv . It was the zoo u know like when ur little kid and u go to the zoo kind thing so me and 2 my friends decided its place to be for us lol and it was great fun looking about and having sweeties and seeing all kinds animals I always loved animals so I did really enjoy it was such lovely expierence . Plus super super cheep compared to zoos in uk.

I moved to uk when I was 14 hiting on 15 for all that time I never actualy had chance to go to botanic garden but now as friend of mine at who’s house I was staying at lives almost next to it we decided that I def need go . We thought we nt gona see any flowers blossoming as the heat wave is killing everyone and everything but we found massive field of dahlias all different types looking all beutiful it totaly was a must take pictures kind thing . We were trying avoid wedding that was happening there too but kind ended up in middle of where they were taking photos lol but we were doing it and looking good lol there were massive house will all kinds different palm trees and things too even butterfly house too but we were too distracted by food that we didn’t go . But gues something left for next time 🙂