royal mail sucks

this was just crazy i was well well pissed off last saturday.  so i happily sort all the cards to post some to uk some to latvia  seemed pretty straight forward go post and post everything but no.  i had pay extra co the post guy decided they are too thick im like what.  ur joking.  so i needed pay extra on each card. meaning for 7 cards i paid 7.50.   wich obvious was way out of order. so today i kind forgit about it i had go pick up a parcel from the main collection post office happily took my slip to the guy he takes it and dissapiers for like 15 min then states that he cant find it  so i ended up leaving him my number so they can call me when they actualy find it.  well not happy about this.  tne royal mail is getting worse and worse every time.  there are problems with everything. wich i dont think is acceptable. .,


etsy and new sales on my mind again. as tis was first time when person ordered an special order like costumised to what guy wanted it kind got me a bit inspired to kind try sort my etsy again as like 200 items is expired just hate fact that i need rise postage bad time as its super expensive now . god damn you royal mail. not pleased about it , but hey . no choice. plus can collect money for something i want so yeah . better than noting.