30 day blogging challenge dau 21

day 21 : what makes you sad

well im usualy trying to be pretty positive about things and what ever is happening eyc.  with all the there is something good in everything thats bad motivation but things that mainly make me sad is seeing people i love being upset or simply unhappy about something. thats usualy the thing thats gets to me if can pass everything else thats one thing that kind makes me think about things.


never goes acording to plan

Clear proof noting goes acording to plan I tried to google sad face for a sad blog instead I googled sand face. Lol close enough. Just feel bit yuck this evening tired and well I was ment go scotland tomarrow but some bits and bobs nt going acording to plan so needed make change and go thurstday. I know I know its only one day at least that’s what people tell me . But u know when u havnt seen ur loved one for really long time and yes it been 3 months can’t even type it with out tearing up. Then that 1 day matters . Just feel bit kicked out place. Just miss him so fucking much I litterary losing my mind. My advice do not fall in love u will end up crying . One way or another . U know when u want it all magical and something always always kills it and u feel horible cos u just want be with that one person. Just 1 moment is that much to ask ? Lol clearly is. I hate it. Just need some love and joy .

its sad rainy day :(

There is no other words to it . I hate today . In this small period of time sinc I left house I got offered a date , drugs, I made friends with dog, had breakfast , got my hair ruined by rain, umbrella more ripped and froze to beyond levels. But hey I’m half way to lincoln. I just dnt like fact its cold. Otherways wouldn’t say I feel tired or anything. Be quickly in uni for the intro thing then see my tutor as wasn’t there yestrday and then quick way trough pound land get some paper and back home to go training and write hate letters about people cos today is just that kind day