so today was lovely lazy day in the house.  but i got to wear my new top that my lovely boyfriend got me from a concert he went to just cos i really loved the design. 


top -gifted
shorts -very very old maybe primark not too sure

shirts on sale

so it have finaly happened and i have printed my first proper shirts to start off disspossable clothing.

be sure to check them out



my boyfriend is a star

So despite geting punched in the face in training today lol I got back in house and there was a package waiting for me from my bf . So basickly other day he was out in town and he called and said he saw a slipknot tshirt in 1 the shops would I want it I’m like obvious lol and I honestly didn’t thought it be this shirt cos I been wanting it for years and its magic it is bit large as it is mens medium but think chop off some bits and be good to go . I absolutely love it its brilliant . :). He also sent me a bunny suicide book cos u just can’t go wrong with that but I’m so happy about the shirt yes yes I was jumping a little too haha