So as was running out my eye cream I was well incoriged to try out one of these eye roll ons by garnier . I seen the bb cream ones and have heard people saying good things about them so I thought Ill try this caffeine roll on . Its anti bags and anti dark circles one. I dnt get bags but some times I do get dark circles because I do wear heavy make up all day every day and if I havnt took it off properly the previous day the under eye area do look quite dark and un healthy. I tried this on. There is no scent to it at all . The little ball that u roll around ur eye is metal so its really cold and really plesent and almost refreshing feel on ur eyes. I really do sugest it if u dnt have like massive trobles with dark circles or bags and just want be refreshed etc. I did get in on sale in superdrug and paid only just over 5 pounds.

lets sort them hands

Yestrday was looking at my hands and thinking how bad they look the skin is very rough and unplesent very dry and scared from paper cuts to cat nails lol even more now knowing that can’t do my nails to take atention of my skin as work with food etc and ur nt alowed to . But nivea is here to help again. I always use the express hydration lip products that they have and saw same stuff for hands too plus it drys quickly cos can not stand waiting forever for the cream to absorbe in so this is the perfect way forward plus fairly cheep too like 2.50 for 100 ml bottle well pleased 🙂