joys of being fine art student

Honestly its start to kill me that I can’t go to uni yet because I’m year 2 and only freshers start now in university of lincoln. Its really getting to me because I can’t go I’m sure I hav said this like million times now but its true and its in my mind all the time now but I hav done some little work for start the new projects as have plenty and plenty ideas for it and as fine art student there is no limits lol u take a old cut squash it and call it art clearly litterary everything goes in way its bad but in same time means I dnnt really have to sit there and study all day every day tru summer lucky me lol great to do subject that no1 thinks anything off . But yeah just kind gona start work on my book again at least a page a day so that’s rolling hav so much ideas for change tbh I’m just ready to take on but no that’s too much to ask lol. Just want get in studio put my are together . It be great and I think if everything goes as plan and I do open pantie shop there be lot of artwork to go on walls after this woop woop