time to do something

so as am finaly back its time to catch up and do something.  planed a bussy day for my self so should be  a good one. eed do some painting and bits too so see how that goes.  just need kill bit time till train and then be good to go.  will do bits of writing in train so just to type up when home so dnt waist any time.  but feel pretty good tbh.  makes a positive change 🙂


too much studying?


so reason why i have not posted for past couple days is because i been well tired cos staying up late to work on my folder that need be handed in next friday.  ok i hav slight concerns cos its like im well over doing it.  i asked people in my group how much they have done and they dnt have nearly as close as i do and i starting get bit conserned. i just really wanted use the time etc to look for art related job etc u know it ment be all about things i want to do.  and well i think i havnt done that much at least in my own mind lets just hope its the right amount for the person grading my work and he or she wont think im trying show off where actualy done fuck all.  lol for great suprize to my self im actualy working hard lol im doing it lol so fingers crossed for a bad ass grade lol

just a freaky day ..

been such long day and its only what half past 3 in day . just keeps draging on . i think its the mega storms fault. just all the trains stuff and what else not. so im happily at home trying to look like im actualy doing something not just sitting about looking at idiotic picture like the crazy cat lady lol but i saw like the cutest owl video tho lol. but gues some work finally need be done as it is handing in next week so put sponge bob on and will take on finnishing stuff off .


So my birth day have officialy started and I’m siting in train station on a cold bench and sadly wait for lincoln train till whom I have like 40 min to go cos I just just missed the previous one. Trying keep it positive tho . Grown up way of celebrating birth days aint a fun way lol . First time in the 21 birthday that I have had this is the 1st time when ill be attending educational instance lol . See I sound smart already . Now quickly to lincoln and back . Have feast at home woop some salad thing and diet coke and ill be pleased . Oh and fluffy socks need some fluffy socks lol x

joys of being fine art student

Honestly its start to kill me that I can’t go to uni yet because I’m year 2 and only freshers start now in university of lincoln. Its really getting to me because I can’t go I’m sure I hav said this like million times now but its true and its in my mind all the time now but I hav done some little work for start the new projects as have plenty and plenty ideas for it and as fine art student there is no limits lol u take a old cut squash it and call it art clearly litterary everything goes in way its bad but in same time means I dnnt really have to sit there and study all day every day tru summer lucky me lol great to do subject that no1 thinks anything off . But yeah just kind gona start work on my book again at least a page a day so that’s rolling hav so much ideas for change tbh I’m just ready to take on but no that’s too much to ask lol. Just want get in studio put my are together . It be great and I think if everything goes as plan and I do open pantie shop there be lot of artwork to go on walls after this woop woop