vo5 heat protect

Despite constant over use of my hair straighteners I have never used any erm protection against it. I dnt use hair dryer as much as usualy wash my hair night before as it just takes too much time in morning and I like to sleep lol but as I slowly observe how bad my hair ends are I thought its time to sort them a bit and get ends choped soon as and make sure that they dnt go as bad as they have gone so for starters I got this vo5 heat protect styling spray. I love the vo5 conditioners and shampoos + price ways was nt Too bad ether as looked for kind mid range price so if I dnt like it I dnt feel like I wasted big amount of money this one was just over 3 pound so pretty good . it seems really light to use smell is just like a normal shampoo nting overly strong or anything so I’m looking to try this out onlything I noticed just now that u need spray it in damp hair so need see if can get it working in dry hAir too so can work with my straighteners.

getting them hair back in shape .

Its that time of the month again when its time to get the hair back in order as rutes are showing the hair just all fuzzy and everything in other words nt a look I’m going for lol to save the day I will use live color xxl 110 blueberry crush color foam permanent hair dye. Always use this one as for the amount of hair that’s on my head I need 2 boxes of normal dye where this 1 need only one so always sugest this to long hair people . After dyeing ill wash it like 2 times use normal conditioner at first and the one from dye pack at 2nd time my shampoo and conditioner is schwarzkopf supersoft havnt used these in forever so be nice change . But before 2nd wash to just give that extra protect for my hair ill use philip kingsley elasticizer pre shampoo treatment just to boost up the hairs and make them all soft and stuff. Then towel dry and use some bumble and bumble thickening hairspray to protect my hair from the heat od blowdryer and straighteners that will attack them last and hopefully after all this and 2h later ill be better looking lol