all signs of jealousy

All happy signs of jealousy in me. No shame lol no shame. As per always been browsing my facebook and have noticed that literary everyone I know is going somewhere and doing things where I’m like no money need stay home and look sad lol. Cos seriously sometimes I just don’t get it. They same as me students not rich etc yet seems like everything’s possible in their lives. I mean what is this scosery lol tell me your secrets . I want be somebody too .

royal mail sucks

this was just crazy i was well well pissed off last saturday.  so i happily sort all the cards to post some to uk some to latvia  seemed pretty straight forward go post and post everything but no.  i had pay extra co the post guy decided they are too thick im like what.  ur joking.  so i needed pay extra on each card. meaning for 7 cards i paid 7.50.   wich obvious was way out of order. so today i kind forgit about it i had go pick up a parcel from the main collection post office happily took my slip to the guy he takes it and dissapiers for like 15 min then states that he cant find it  so i ended up leaving him my number so they can call me when they actualy find it.  well not happy about this.  tne royal mail is getting worse and worse every time.  there are problems with everything. wich i dont think is acceptable. .,

adult life sucks

I mean why for the love of god I am awake at 8 am . I dnt need to I could sleep at least 2 more hours but no my body doesn’t let me so I can ly here trying to remember what time today I start my dead end job and y wud I even want to go to it . Is this what being adult mean having life that 1 clearly nt enjoys and just roll with it cos that’s how it ment go ? When was little I always wanted to grow up cos thought I’d hav adventures I’d go places do things but no. Whers my adventures ?