just small video with me talking about how i stay skinny


no shame

As had go blood donating in morning I just trew on same outfit as yesterday yes no shame lol. But I just love how good it makes my waist look I truly feel like I look good in this . Well pleased . Just thought I share 🙂

thoughts on weight and stuff

so must say it have recently struck me down bad time. i have a winter tire and im really not happy about it.  i noticed even when was in scotland at my boyfriends i felt really shy about it and if i had just like my bra on or a short top and i had to sit down i put my arms around my self to kind cover my belly.  and i honestly avoid mirrors.  i have a large mirror in my closet and if i have change clothes or something my back is always turned to it.  i feel ok if everythings covered but if need show skin then its like nooo…  just feels like some weird mental thing or something.  but i dnt know just gona try work out every moment i get and cut down on crazy much and portion sizes.  cos i felt so good last summer where now i litterary feel like a fatass.  and im not ok with it and something need be done.  so today gona mesure everything and see what needs improvements the most and then just work out. all the time. specialy now when the uni is practicaly done, 

so heres a pic of me.  no shame. but wearing my new top from h&m. got it yesterday well pleased.


sunday work out

so im trying to get into the swing of working out every day again to get that winter tyre off and look good again.  plus be able to eat what i want lol.  so this was my todays work out. 

as yesterday i started with the challenge.  and im on day 4 now.


next started with warm up with 200 star jumps.


and then good old sit ups they never let us down.  100 of them


to keep that tension on belly going i did plank 3 times, each time count till 60 then relax and repeat.


next a wall stand.  similary to plank i did this 3 times i tried counting till 60 but it felt like i dnt really feel the burn so decided go for 80 instead and then relax and repeat. 


next to get them muscles going again i did this elbow to knee crunch 100 times. 


and last but not least good old leg lifts from on knees position 30 with each leg to work them bum cheeks


i think my sunday work out is kind of all over body one as it is the end of the week etc.  as you notice now and will in rest of the weeks work outs that i will not work on my arms.  its just because they are in good shape with muscle no fat etc so i dnt need improve on them unlike with my bum and legs. 

saturday work out

as mentioned before i want get back in shape and was casualy sitting about today and i had itch on my belly so i reached under my shirt and i felt a bit of my belly hanging over my trauser line.. well not good. so lets get back to work out and yes i did instantly started working out lol . so this was my work out day .

so for start i had 2h training at my parents karate school as i always have it in saturday mornings . lol here is pic of me trying to look smart during one of the exams when we had a brake lol thats def inspiring work out look



then i did my day 3 of my chalenge which is pretty easy etc and you dnt even sweat doing it but u know at least gets it moving



then finaly going on my proper work out . i started with plank 3 times do it wile counting till 100 or as long as i can . do 1 then relax  for tiny bit and then repeat



next going back to basics did 100 sit ups.



next i did side plank leg lifts 30 each leg. i must say i did had some troble with this a s muscles on my back recently been super tenced again but i did do as much as i could .



next i did leg lifts when on knees. im still not sure how it was called but all you do is get on your knees and lift your leg to the side . i did each leg 30 times. could only find this pic with lifting back the way but you get the idea.



and last but not least 30 sumo squats to get them legs working



this was pretty much my saturday working out i will try keep this up a much as i can to get that body back in shape.  hope this help someone maybe little idea for a work out .

feeling thin

unbalievable have happened and for change i actually feel thin. well i did lol. i took this picture just after training

you ever get feeling when you have good work out u go up to a mirror and think damn i look lots thiner than 2 h ago lol.  i always get that and then have massive breakfast or something. lol.  im just sitting here hoping that one day my  bottom half will look the same as the top half nice skinny and bit muscle here and there too obvious. cos even like today i bought some high waisted shorts they fit well around my legs and bum cheeks but are way tok wide for the waist so will need take them in a tiny bit.  legs always been my bad point,  but next year is the year when i make them nice one way or another

back to mesurments

Think should try get back to check out my mesurments as feel well into the squat challenge day 4 today doing well easy quickly done etc every1 should do it lol. I want hot bum 1c in my life and I think I’m finaly determined enough to do it . So ill try post my stats up every week see if anything changes .
Arm top : 28cm (good)
Arm under elbow: 22cm (good)
Above breasts: 83cm (good)
Across breasts: 83cm (good)
Under breasts: 74.5 (need 73)
Thinnest part in belly: 66 cm (good)
Fattest part in belly: 80cm (need 76)
Hips: 86cm (need 82)
Bum: 95cm (need 91)
Leg top part: 57.5cm (need 55)
Leg lower part: 35.5 (good)

Def bits to improve so think work to do

Finaly 30 day challenge thats the right one for me

It have finaly finaly happened.  Was brosing trough instagram today and found the perfect 30 day challenge for me.  And on my wll worst area too my backside and legs.  Its a 30 day squat challenge.  What more could i want.  I want pretty bum but i cant seem to stick to some sort rutine so thought this challenge will help hme do that.  Starting today.  appy day 1.  Woop woop. 🙂


food guilt?

To me a very very very serious subject when you have a thin person who enjoys the food and after they have this crazy guilt of having it. I hav that like this morning, I woke up cos dad was shouting that dinner is ready yeah we eat prety early like 1 2 ish. Yes I know I slept too long. He didn’t made anything crazy just some mac and chese I well over did it with chese cos felt like there is more cheese than pasta lol. But I enjoid it it was nice but after felt such guilt cos I had that much specialy now that decided I need lose bit belly . And its allways like that. It does make me wonder somethimes that I dnt have some eating disorder cos of it but I guess can call my self lucky that way . Still makes u feel idiotic cos u even consider thinking that ..

feeling chubby..

Just hate that feeling I get when I get dressed and I see that my tummy or backside is sticking out and nt in nice way . Like me for example I wear size 6 tops but my botom half is usualy size or 2 biger. It seems small but u know its allways how u as person feel . And I never felt proud of my body top half good to go bottom dear god no . So now as uni is starting ill be more bussy so won’t be able concentrate on food as much. I gona really start geting my self in the shape I want so I feel comfortable in it . In some way I always admired people who feel really good in their skin no matter what size or shape they are and I think that’s wht makes a person beautiful .cos if u feel good about ur self u get further cos u have 1 less thing on ur mind to worry about . Hate the fact that u go down the street or something and people say u look nice etc etc etc u say tnx but in heart u feel like ur just a big blob rolling down the street . So I thought with start of uni I gona try make it better and at least work out at evenings do them 100 sit ups and crunches for the better life we forgot about