So this weeks exersise of the week is leg lifts from on knees position . Pretty much all you do is get on all four and lift ur whole leg up in the sky or to the side depending which area of ur leg u want to work on. This is part of my everyday work out just do a couple of tens with each legs nd you soon should notice the difference . Till recent I dint thought any of this but now that’s the one I’m always doing cos its easy and not so tireing . Only thing need remember that u only move your leg not some funky all body bendings. You can add a small dambel on the leg or some anckle weights for better work out for that muscle .

Just lying in bed watching supersize vs superskinny always look at the thin person and think wow if I’d be that thin I know its bad and stuff but always wondered in kind suprize that I havnt gone in ether under eating or over eating or bulimia or something cos of the paranoia in my head and the guilt that I feel when I hav some food like its ok if it something little but say if do have take away wich I have rarely I feel so guilty and horible after. Sometimes do try tell it to people that are close to me and in some sence really dnt get it people says that’s stupid just hav food . And I’m like no that’s nt going near my mouth. U know when u see them people in pictures and u see them being thin and stuff it do fEels good in sence knowing I’m at least close to it if notting else . Planing to sort some inspiration pictures for my oneday wall