nightime ottd

Just quick ootd well night lol. Cos this is obvious what every goth girl have to wear at night lol. Its just white sun dress made to look bloody cos wanted it for this photo shoot but after didn’t use so it became my nightwear .at some point ill share how u can do it that is when I get net back in house as having bit probs with it so can’t upload anything

time to think

Seems kind weird now that think about it . I gona finaly turn 21 this november finaly gona be an adult lol yeah right that’s the last thing that will ever happen. Just seems like I just waited for me to turn 16 never mind 21 in some way to me its just a birth day notting unusual just want do 3 things my bf go london and eat rosols (aka the salad thing or the russian salad) lol I dnt ask much I cud never imagine my self having grand birth days just not me . But london is a must this time dnt care if go alone or not but can’t nt go . 1 more thing I always do at around time of my bday usualy start like time like now to make a list of things that I want to get done till next birthday not many but things I wud like to do just get all ideas together for past years in way I havnt really done it to the point etc but thought I’m turning 21 I sud make a point of doing things I wantto wile I can .

So as had lovely hour in train it gave me bit time to sort what I’m doing about bloging and stuff and finaly get into it as it ment be at first place lol this time no excuses cos can simply do it from my phone which is simply fab 🙂 so mondays be my sports activity and mesiring days just to keep track and be a shamed if I get chuby lol tuesdays be just update day about what am up to towards working my carrier upwards and maybe a quick drawing blog . Wednesdays be just little crafts days thurstdays be looking good days kind of a beauty blog thing fridays just a drawing or making day satdays will be about the weirdness of the world and freaky subjects . And finaly on sundays ill hav little craft and a good thing of the week just to keep it positive . Ill try do vids too so its kind more exiting and gets me out there a bit more . But overall still gona be ramblig tru the day about things happening .