day 2

God I’m so tired its only day 2 in uni to begin and its 6.40 and I’m just siting here haf a sleep wanting to just stay sitting here in kitchen in the chair lol feel like def be sleeping in train. Dnt like bein tired. I did try go sleep earlyer but family guy was on lol and I kind just drifted off at some point trough that I guess . Trying keep It positive with thought that I am finaly in uni and actualy doing it . Well kinda doing it . We nt geting any spaces yet or anything so kind if I do do something it need be at home wich nt good as will need cary thing in uni . So its kind nt the best . Do I feel bit more positive that I’m starting in new building etc ? No I fucking hate it . Plus people trying socialise too I’m like no I dnt want be friends with u. I try be social but its like no I go there to study primary not socialise with people who for 100% doesn’t even agree on my views of the new building etc . Just no there’s no other words lol.

best way to deal with pain at day after work out

After over 10 years of doing martial arts I hav learn some bits and bobs of how to deal with the muscle pain the day after the work out specialy if its been a bit heavy or I have had bit time off . I know that the muscles can be so painfull at time that u just dnt want to move out ur bed at morning but its def def the worst thing one could do is to stay still next day . For me its always just get up and try get on with the day and soon the pain in the muscles wears off insted if I stay in bed just for that bit longer or worse spend the day around sitting areas it feels that I couldn’t even manage the 5 steps to go to the toilet and even worse if have to go down the stairs . I hav never been a tablet person and prob never will be so try to find other ways to deal with things like this . But for sure never ever stay lying down or siting down for too long if ur muscles r tired the next day cos the will be overly relaxed and will hurt even more . But if its 1 them really bad ones just try some heat based lotions or creams they relax the muscles and ur good to go again 🙂