till i turn 22 list

so every year as i have my birthday i write a small list of things that i wana do till my next birth day in sence like new years resolution list.  its usualy obvious things and achievable things notting super crazy. just kind be always there in my face and remind me of what needs be done.  here what i have so far i just think its great motivator so u get them little things u want done. 

* finish the 2nd year in university.  hopefully with improved grades too. lol
* find a job. as once again im job less and with no money i really need find 1
* pierce my ears at least 2 times. can u imagene its been over a year since well anything.  not the way to go def need be done
* get a tattoo.  as i have quite few ideas for what i want and i am going to latvia next summer for my friends graduation i think i should get something done. 
*go for holliday somewhere. its been forever since i been somewhere nice so df would not mind going somewhere even for like couple days. 
* the wanted mesurments.  yes for my body i wana slim down i want be proud of how i look
*get a great backside. go with the previous point. i hate my  bum.  i want it to look hot not the way it looks
* sell at least 10 pieces of art work.  u know try earn a bit and get my self out there
* take part in at least 10 contests.  obvious art related and i have already applied for two so off to a good start. 
and last but not least * go to london at least 5 times. as minimum. god i miss london so much its crazy i just want the grand city life

this is what i have so far sometimes i add some bits trough the year but this is my basic start.  do sugest doing that cos its fun and it gives you some random just you related goals