all signs of jealousy

All happy signs of jealousy in me. No shame lol no shame. As per always been browsing my facebook and have noticed that literary everyone I know is going somewhere and doing things where I’m like no money need stay home and look sad lol. Cos seriously sometimes I just don’t get it. They same as me students not rich etc yet seems like everything’s possible in their lives. I mean what is this scosery lol tell me your secrets . I want be somebody too .

30 day blogging challenge : day 8

day 8: your 5 current goals

being overly planing person i always have list of goals and one day things but my main things at moment are

1. finish university
2. open my own shop
3.  move out of my parents (lol about time)
4.  go usa
5. get in the perfect shape

lol so unrealistic


train ootd

Finaly finaly back to happy days as am in train to scotland. About time. Just wanted share my confy train outfit of the day.
From the top.
Hair down as found that specialy when traveling lots u want be able to put ur head back so always go with hair down.
Dress – evil twin, urban outfitters
Hoody – primark mens section (cos womans section hoodies suck)
Jacket – from tiny shop in victoria centre notts.
Tights and socks – primark
Shoes -xin xin yi zu, ebay
Bracelets- kurt geiger and giffted,
Spikes – shop in camden lock

So despite having 3 bags lol feel like traveling light . So pretty good 🙂 feet bit dead as said before these shoes pretty tight around my toes. But when u just get in train that takes about 4h till ur stop shoes come off and on the seat as always try get 2 seats and well usualy do 🙂