my new camera

sorry for no posts yesterday just got bit carried away with my spring cleaning lol but im now back and going

so i got a new camera that im super exited to use . meaning it will be easier for me to vlog on the go etc. 

here is a link if you would like to check it out. its on sale too . 🙂



christmas tree

do u know that there is just couple days left till christmas? are you exited i know i am.  lol. i thought i already posted about my christmas tree but aparently i did not so here it is.  i have a white christmas tree cos since i was little i always wanted white one so couple years back i got this one.  its about 6 feet tall.and finaly finaly i found a good set if blue decorations as we have always have like a purple theme.

i got them from for like 4.99 and they came as set with blue and silver.  there is i think 4 different sizes and there are some mat ones and shiny and spackly ones and you get bunch of silver strings in the pack wich i thought was great. to these i did added some lights and some purple beeds and things and this is what i got. 


and in the dark

i think its magical enough for me.  love it