30 day blogging challenge day 15

Day 15 : where you will be in 5 years

This is a though one I think . Cos to be honest I don’t know where ill be hopefully in good apartment and with a printing business happening and maybe start thinking kids and stuff and kind just have good life started. Its all a bit of mystery for now but that’s kind of current plans

my christmas

are you same as me from some them weird people that celebrate christmas at christmas eve?  in this sence specialy like kid i never got the getting up in morning and getting your gifts cos you already got them the previous night.  but u know for me its not so much about gifts i just like that i can get together with mum and dad have a lovely meal have a laugh etc just nice family thing. i like that.   its alabout the christmas spirit.  i know i have been tough year etc but it was nice had some yummy food and chatted away.  sadly my bf couldnt join us this year cos his work and some other bits but at least get see him soon anyway so its all not that bad. all this did happen on 24th and traditionaly i always spend 25th as lazy as posible.  the less i move the better.  its food and films all the way.  and now that im finaly alive with my insides killing me cos too much food i feel like i can take on the day,  start on my uni stuff on bits that need be finished etc.  see i can act like an adult if i need to lol.  tomarrow tho will need leave the house cos need get some bits and bobs for the lady that always comes visit us over the new years.  shes like a family friend.  well look forward to that.  must say over all its been pretty good.  🙂

till i turn 22 list

so every year as i have my birthday i write a small list of things that i wana do till my next birth day in sence like new years resolution list.  its usualy obvious things and achievable things notting super crazy. just kind be always there in my face and remind me of what needs be done.  here what i have so far i just think its great motivator so u get them little things u want done. 

* finish the 2nd year in university.  hopefully with improved grades too. lol
* find a job. as once again im job less and with no money i really need find 1
* pierce my ears at least 2 times. can u imagene its been over a year since well anything.  not the way to go def need be done
* get a tattoo.  as i have quite few ideas for what i want and i am going to latvia next summer for my friends graduation i think i should get something done. 
*go for holliday somewhere. its been forever since i been somewhere nice so df would not mind going somewhere even for like couple days. 
* the wanted mesurments.  yes for my body i wana slim down i want be proud of how i look
*get a great backside. go with the previous point. i hate my  bum.  i want it to look hot not the way it looks
* sell at least 10 pieces of art work.  u know try earn a bit and get my self out there
* take part in at least 10 contests.  obvious art related and i have already applied for two so off to a good start. 
and last but not least * go to london at least 5 times. as minimum. god i miss london so much its crazy i just want the grand city life

this is what i have so far sometimes i add some bits trough the year but this is my basic start.  do sugest doing that cos its fun and it gives you some random just you related goals 

30 day random blog challenge day 4. best thing that happened to you this week

well honestly its been a pretty good week.  lots of exiting things have happened.  honestly the main one being me turning 21.  in way cant believe its been a week already.  gone quick.  but feel prety good about my self feel like i embrace the adultness, u know applying for jobs,  gona be doing volunteering too and working every night on my uni stuff and happily filling my folder and sketchbook. i think its great i think i have steped up a bit on my usual stuff.  i mean evenmmy floor is not full with paper and stuff and its been a week lol.  feel like a real person lol.  finally. 

lol yes i have a teddy to.  i call him ted lol pretty basic stuff there lol

whats changed since i turned 21

so now couple days have passed since i turned 21 and became a grown up lol . and well i cant really say i feel any different but i do noticed that i feel like i need to work a bit harder as i am already 21 no time to waste to become a somebody . even now im spending most of my night studying and hoping that ill get good marks for the project specially if its not art work based so makes it super easy. feel a greater need to find a job too u know if one is an adult then one should work its ass off. obvious. so that’s what im doing . every night for past week now. just see how things go and what my new life as an adult bring. i feel good that my child hood have officially passed and i can definitely say that it was a great one 🙂

best thing of past week

Must say best thing about past week must be the buying of train tics to larkhall today for end of june . Finaly get see my boyfriend again been forever ago since last seen him. And this time will be special as be celebrating our 3 years together in some way can’t believe it have been so long now . I know we dnt see each other as much as we should as long distance but love him to bits. And so can’t wait to see him again. So def def the best thinb about this week . Plus once again be celebrating my name day in scotland too . Prob with breakfast and generaly eating all day lol . But think def should at least go runing for few times wile there . So will be a good one hehe