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10 steps for better hair

As finaly got my hair sorted today I did bit research to find best tips to have the hair stay in really good condition all the time . I found quite few ideas etc. So I put together this 10 steps for beautiful hair . Hope someone finds it usefull. 🙂 .

Step 1: start fresh. Cut the split ends the dead dry ends . Get rid of it all . I know u like your long hair but if its ends are looking like dry grass it aint a good look. And make it the starting point for keeping the hair in good condition and make it a habit to get the ends choped every 6 to 8 weeks specially if u do get split ends and very dry ends

Step 2: have a healthy diet and drink lots of water . Your diet heavily efects how your hair is and if your diet is as bad as mine with junk food and sodas and what else not just try cut it down at least a bit because your body will feel better and ur skin and ur hair look better too

Step 3: be gental when brush or comb ur hair. Take your time to get the tangles out not just rip them out in 1 swoop . Find the brush that pulls out the least hair and untangles the hair easier.

Step 4: use hair products for your hair type. If u have dry hair u can’t use shampoo for oily hair because it will make it worse .

Step 5: massage your scalp when puting in shampoo and conditioner . In my eyes it just makes my scalp feel like relaxed etc because the weight of my hair that it carries every day . Plus it just feels super nice hehe

Step 6: don’t wash your hair every day if possible. Because it will help your hair have the natural oils that helps to keep the hair healthy .

Step 7: cut down on heat. In my eyes this is the worst but cuting down on hairdryer and straighteners or curler thing or anything else you burn your hair with will improve their healthyness instantly . But if you do use heat devices make sure you use some sort of heat protection so its not as bad .

Step 8: cut down on color . This is what my hair dresser sugested that if you do use permanent colors try dying only the rutes. Every second time ( like if you just redye the hair ) so the ends are left as they are receiving less damage .

Step 9: re hydrate the hair. Use masks, conditioners and oils to get the hair all nice and hydrated so its lovely and shiny and soft

Step 10: be patient. Ur damaged hair won’t be in perfect shape in 1 day. It takes time to get the hair back in healty shape and if you do treat them well always the quicker it will happen

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