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So today late in afternoon postman brought my first birchbox. Ok must say this seemed more fuller than the glossy boxes first box. It came with this mini mag and bunch of info cards about the box etc all came in this cute little pouch . So getting into it. First on top was birchboxs own brand gel mask basickly u put it tru night in fridge for it to go cold and put on in morning to take off the puffiness etc it seems like very cooling and stuff but I’m lucky this way that my eyes dnt go puffy in mornings . but maybe for some1 else it be great do think bit over priced as its original price is 10 pound . Next is bluemandarines skinlife energetic. Cellular cream tried it a bit feels so so moisturising on my face and absorbes super quick . And for dry skin its the key thing . The full size tube costs 35 pounds. Next is philip kingsley elasticizer pre shampoo treatment honestly never tried pre shampoo treatments cos its usualy kind after washing hair so this will be my try out for the night does seem promessing and my dry hair notting will do bad lol . Full size 27.50. Next is one thing I was going to buy if nt for this its a primer by gerda spillmann hydro pearls. It is one of them mini tubes but think be bit long lasting as need just little bit to cover all my eyes and as dnt realy use foundation all over my face . so yeah full size for 30 pound honestly bit expensive for my range but dnt mind trying out maybe be best find . Next is realy rich red lip pencil by laqa&co as am not the lipstic person nt to keen on it but the bright color atracts me greatly so maybe be opening new lipstic era for my self . Haha . Full size 14 pound . Next is molton brown ylang ylang body wash . It smells really really nice and refreshing good for try out but honestly wud never spend 18 pounds for a shower gell .cos it seems same as the cheeper brands . And last but nt least is inner me supplement pack it costs 35 pounds for 28 pills . I’m nt much a suppliments person but this one is heavily vitamin based for ur skin nails and hair so could be a nice try and maybe bring something new in my life to help with my dry skin.

2 responses to “my first birchbox . first impressions .

  1. this is def. one of there better boxes!

  2. I only discovered it like a week a go and am definitely pleased with it seems more out there brands than the glossy box

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